Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tags!

It is the day before christmas, and I am dying to know what presents I have recieved. But of course I have to wait until christmas eve. One more day! In the mean time, I am starting a tag post. My first reall tag post.

Twelve favorite holiday songs.
Eleven of your favorite christmas presents you've gotten over the years.
Ten of you're favorite christmas ornaments.
Nine favorite holiday foods.
Eight best christmas memories.
Seven worst christmas memories.
Six favorite holiday decoraions (Ornaments don't count!)
Five of the best presents you've ever gave anybody.
Four of the most obnoxious parts of christmas.
Three favorite christmas specials.
Two things you asked for this year.
One thing you think you're getting.

I am tagging Johnny Yen

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nothing Like Christmas Tradition

My family celebrates christmas. And You could say that we celebrate traditionally.

Me, my step-brother, and one of my best friends, made a ginger bread house. And I have to admit this past week, my step-brother has been at his moms. My best friends hasn't came over. my step dad is allergic to wheat and can't eat the house. And my mom just thinks that the house is empty calories. Considering no one can, or wants to eat the house. I took it at liberty to eat the house...

And of course we watch the christmas specials...

Good ol' Charlie Brown!

Isn't squidward an angel?

That elf has a big head!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I simply remember my favorite days, and then I don't feel so bad!

I've been meaning to blog about this for some time now. The subject of Mornings is interesting. I think some mornings people are happier than other mornings. Monday mornings are probably the worst. Considering that the weekend just ended. i think it depends on how you look at it. You may look at it like "Ugh! Time for another long week!" or maybe you look at it "A new week, a new chance. New experiences." maybe its a countdown thing "Five more days until Friday!" Whichever way, weekends if you really look at it are 3 out of 7 days in a week. That is if you count Friday. You should count Friday. Friday nights at least, sometimes my whole weekend action happens on Friday night. Which is fun, but regretful because the next day its like you have Saturday and your doing nothing!
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all different. It depends on what the schedule is. I like Wednesdays because 2 days until friday! And I have stuff to do on Wednesday. Thursday is the day before Friday, and there is something about Thursdays I just like. And Tuesdays I really like, for different reasons. I basically wake up cheery every day, or at least I try. i mean I should because there are different reasons to like each day. But Saturday mornings are the best! They have to be. Just because you probably had a great Friday night and then you either are out and about all Saturday. or chillin' at home all Saturday, then going out Saturday night. which is perfectly fine too. Or maybe you just have nothing to do all Saturday and you are chillin'. Which is probably good too. I don't like chillin' all day. i want to be out, experiencing life. Living it to its fullest I only have soo many Saturdays after all.
Sunday mornings you know you have to go back to work or school the next day. I don't love Sundays. Because you can't do anything to party hardy considering the next day you have to go back to school or work. But Sundays are good for seeing a movie, seeing friends or whatever.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks For Giving

Thanksgiving. Really, it is suposed to be a holiday celebrating the pilgrims and all that but nobody cares about that. Look at those twop words. Thanks, and giving. Two great words. You pass the carrots at dinner to your little sister. She says "Thanks". Or, you save your little sister's life, once again she'll say "Thanks." you get a thank you card that says "Thank you from the botom of my heart" that is really just a fancy way of saying "Thanks." Thank you is a great word, because it shows the perosn that you appreciate what they did. Whether if its for pasing the carrots, giving blood, or saving a life. If they say thanks, they're thankful of you. Giving. Thats also a great word. But giving is the other one. You're the one giving your little sister the carrots. You're the one giving your time to save your little sister from the car thats about to smush her. Giving is a good thing. Whether it is for giving somebody a crayon, or giving blood. So really Thanksgiving. I guess thats kind of a holiday thanking everybody for giving. Fopr some it is a thankyou for giving love, blood, miracoles, or gifts. To others it is a bribe to make them stop giving bomb threats, gun shots, and other bad things. And to the turkeys, well, they are being thanked for giving us their bodies to eat. But I'm pretty sue their response to our thank you is "You're Not Welcome!" Just a thought. Well, thanks. Thanks for giving.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, I celebrated my birthday on Friday. Four years ago, I was in a house with five little girls. (Me included) Running around that small little two bed room apartment. My mom, in her room on the phone with not even her boyfriend, just some guy she met on Comcast dating. We were in a small apartment in a not very safe, but legible neighborhood. The next year, when I turned nine,my mom and I were in a new three bedroom house, in a very safe neighborhood. We moved in with the guy from Comcast dating, (who was now my mom's boyfriend. ) and his young son. We rented ut a room at the park district for me to have my birthday party at. A year later, the guy from comcast was married to my mom. And I got a step-brother and step-dad. Then last year, my step-dad was now my "step"- dad (I already have a dad, whom I love very much, but I love my "step"dad just like my real dad.) and a brother. (I don't care if it is a "step"-brother)
Then this year, I got waay more then a mom, dad, step-dad, step-mom, and step-brother. A few things happened this past year. One of my former best friends (A. Schulz) moved back from California. Where she had moved about three or four years. I remember telling my mom; "Mom, we'll be friends again but not best friends." I was damn wrong. In the past year,I have been their for every single one of The Schulz's birthdays. Gone on a 5 day vacation with them, went to their house so much I practialy live there, and gone out with them for at least half of the weekends in the average year.
I had a family reunion this past summer, and most of my family was there. And I remembered that there are other people in my life besides all my friends. (Not just the Schulz's, I have other best friends too) I realized that I got great cousins, aunts, and uncles, and that they were alll waay closer to me then cousins, aunts, and uncles. I also realized that I have a very, very, very, very nutty and crazy family. (Good thing my "step-dad and brother were able to fit in.) Oh and did I also mention, that the majority of us are todays partridge family?
Last June, I got a envelope that said I was aksed to go into my school's gifted class. I never had the particular envy to go aside from the fact that my best friend was in the class. I had to choose between the class I'd been in for six or seven years, or the new opprutuity. I finally decided that life was too short, and you have to take chances and life. Because, theese opprutunities don't knock on you're door very often. And now, I am in the acclerated class getting honor roll. And not missing my old class.
I managed 4 trips to minnesota, 2 trips to Wisconsin, and 1 trip to Florida in the past year. All trips were great. Florida was a bit rocky, and I realized that I was growing up. And that not everything goes perfectly all the time. The Wisconin trips were both amazing, and I got very close to the people around me. Minnesota is always fun. :)
My birthday went well, I scored a sewing machine and a big sleepover with all of my friends. And tons of giftcards. But based off of what you just read, could'nt you have figured out that I have it all?

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Edgar Allan Poe Poe-m!

Well, in school we had to write a edgar allan poe poem I thought I'd share mine to start up my halloweeny spirit! (Don't worry, I'm not emo!) Here goes:

"Deaths Day"

Its 12 o'clock midnight and I sit on the floor
Staring and waiting for a creak in the door.
The door stares back at me, waiting for action.
I shudder as I picture my reaction.

In the picture, he laughs, and I cry
Blood gushing out my eyes, as I wonder why
I beg for mercy on my knees,
I cough, puke, cry and wheeze

I bawl, cry, sob and wonder if it could get worse
Wondering how to lift this horrible curse
I look him in the eyes and wonder how i'd pay
I guess this is what you'd call death's day.

In my life I had been quite bad
I pick pocketed, stole, and made people mad
I drank my beers
And waited in the corner with my fears

He opened his robe of black
I begged and pleaded for my life back
It was pitch black and dark
Not exactly Noah's Ark

I was so busy dreaming I didn't realize,
The door was open what a surprise!
For all those wishing me well,
please wish I don't go to hell!

The end, well the guy in the poem is a criminal bad dude. And the guy in black is death and death is taking this guys life. (The guy has pneumonia.) and the guy fears he'll go to hell cause he was a bad person. Was it edgar allan poe-ish?

Happy early halloween!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Not So Typical American Family Weekend?

Well here I am on a saturday morning, sitting at my post blogging my mind away. I am thinking about stereotypes. They are so... what is that word... oh here it is... stereotypes are soo stereotypical. The following is the typical american family weekend:
Mother picks son and daughter up from school, and they drive to the local grocery to pick up a chicken, steamed broccoli, and milk for dinner, oh and we can't forget the pumpkin pie. They then drive home, and have an afternoon snack of cupcake and milk. Then they do their homework and the mother starts dinner. Son takes dog Lucky out for a walk. Daughter walks a whole block to her friends house. Father comes home has a quick conversation about work that goes like this:
Mother: Hi Honey!
(Kiss on cheek)
Father: Hello dear, how is dinner coming?
Mother: Just heavenly honey, I will call you when it is ready
Father: Well Okie dokie I am going to go slip into jeans

Dinner is ready kids come home, wash hands and sit down. The family eats and then after dinner, sit down together and play a typical game of bridge. Then it is time for pie and milk. Since it is Friday the children get to stay up extra late till' 8 o'clock! They go to bed, and the mother and father do something astonishing! They kiss on the lips. Status: Wrong

The Yen Family Friday

Step-dad picks stepdaughter up from school. They go to the local supermarket and then go home. Step-daughter watches TV reality shows while eating muffin and playing Nintendo DS step-dad blogs, and reads the paper. They go down to pick up step-brother/son from his mom's house. They go to The China Buffet, then Step-brother/son puts his Dick Cheney mask on and scares people on the way home. They get home and walk over to local book store where scary true writer ghost women Ursula Bielski is doing a signing, and they watch her and ask questions, and eat cake. Then step-dad/dad and step-daughter go home get in the car to go get pumpkins. Step-father goes on a frantic search for radio, finds it they go to the pumpkin farm and get 10 lb. pumpkins and go home. They have fun using "sharp utensils" to carve the pumpkin. They finish at 10:30, then step-father, step-brother/son, step-mother/mom go on laptops. And step-daughter watches TV.  Status: Right

Then it is The Yen Family Saturday! Step-brother/son hangs on laptop and visits friend, step-mother/mom cleans house and shops, step-father/dad does cleaning goes on laptop, cooks, and does homework. Step-daughter,does homework. Oh well, nothing is perfect right?

By the way one more thing, another stereotype? Scary movies, I was flipping channels and both of the scary movies just so happened to have dark, deep, scary movies on! Whatcha gonna do?

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Memorial

Well the alternative man of the month is here! Paul Newman died. Here is a review of Mr.Newman's life.

Paul Newman started his acting career back in 52' on a episode of Tales Of Tomorrow Newman did 81 starred in 81 TV shows and movies, from "The Hustler" to "Cars" Newman did a little singing in his days, and writing, directing, and producing. Newman had married twice, and had 4 kids one of which died. Newman was born January 26th 1925. Newman grew up fast, and developed Lung Cancer he died a slow death and died yesterday.

A moment of silence please.

Thank you

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Meaning Of Life

I have figured out the meaning of life! Let me share it with you-- "The period between the birth and death of a living thing, esp. a human being." at least according to the dictionary. Life has many meanings, to some the meaning is all of those little story morals, and they choose one and relate it to a bunch of things in life. Some people think all those little life lessons, you know like "Don't judge a book by its cover" and "Never give up" some people put them all together to make the meaning which in this case is, "There are always lessons to learn on making you a better person, never stop learning." Something kind of cheesy like that. To a ot of people it is "Live every day as if it were you're last." Which makes sense, don't let yourself have a bad day but not every day is a walk in the park. To others it is the secret of life, which no one has discovered yet. And, yet to some there is o meaning of life. Well, at least my definition and knowledge if there are so many meanings, then maybe there is none in particular. Or maybe as some kind of gift each indivisual of the world has their own secret meaning. To me the meaning is, all those little things that make up your life. From Saturday morning cartoons, to Saturday morning trips to the grocery store. From visits to Six Flags, to boring geography homework. The simple things, and the more complex. Thinking about which sandwhich to take for lunch, to deciding which college to go to. All those little and big and little moments from the fights with you're little sister, to the family reunions every summer. It makes a difference.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Wednesday Top Ten: Grey Hands And Sunscreen Edition

I sat in a claustrophobic desk writing stuff down for 3 hours today. The side of my hand turns all grey from pencil dust, blech! And it is too hot out for me to wear jeans so I am in a summer tank top, and shorts. Here are this weeks tops:
5. Drum Roll Please....... (Drums Roll) and this weeks Top Five Blogs are in! And the awards go to:

E. Grant Miller Media- With The Post "Pictures From The Straight Express" funny specifically the part about Palin. You win the Best Political Post Of The Week
D. Monkey Mucker- With The Post "Christians Can't Count" short, sweet, funny. You Win The: Best Short Post Of The Week
C. Johnny Yen- With the post "Gracious Kid Pictures" cute picture, you win the "Best Picture Award" Yay!!!!
B. Wondering Coyote- With the post, "puppy Therapy" the dog is adoorable! You win the "BEst Animal Post" Congrats! And rockin' in at number 1....
A. 97 Things To Do Before I Am 97- No post you just have a great blog! You win "Best Blog Of The Week"

4. Something I hate is chain e-mails! They are soo stupid and pointless. People who are bored and have no life spend time making them and passing them on to there weird friends. Here are some stupid ones I have got. Think about it if I don't e-mail 10 people then I will die? Kinda weird.

A few years ago, a mother and father decided they needed a break,so
they wanted to head out for a night on the town. So they called their
most trusted babysitter. When the babysitter arrived,the two children
were already fast asleep in bed. So the babysitter just got to sit
around and make sure everything was okay with the
children. Later at night,the babysitter got bored and went to watch tv
but she couldn't watch it downstairs because they didnt have cable
downstairs (the parents didn't want the children watching too much
garbage). So she called them and asked them if she could watch cable
in the parents' room.Of course the parents said it was ok, but the
babysitter had one final request. She asked if she could cover up the
clown satue in their bedroom with a blanket or cloth, because it made
her nervous.The phoneline was silent for a moment, and the father who
was talking to the babysitter at the t imesaid....'Take the children
and get out of the house....we'll call the police...we don't have a
clown statue.' the children and the babysitter got murdered by the
clown. It turned out to be that the clown was a killer that escaped
from jail. If u don't send this to 15 ppl within the next 5 minutes
the clown will be standing next to your bed at 3:00 am with a knife in
his hand....put the subject as your school. GOOD LUCK

are like apples
on trees. The best ones
are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach
for the good ones because they are
afraid of falling and getting hurt.
Instead, they get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something is wrong with them, when in
reality they're amazing. They just
have to wait for the right boy to
come along, the one
who's brave enough to
climb all
the way
to the top
of the tree.

You have been hit. You have been considered one of the 15 prettiest girls on my friends list.
Once you have been hit, you have to hit 15 pretty girls.
If you get hit again you know you're really pretty. If you break the chain, you'll have ugliness for 10 years.
So hit 15 pretty girls on your friends list and let them know they are pretty, and don't just hit someone because they're your friend... be truthful. They'll understand.... or maybe not ^__^
Oh, and P.S. - I think we all know who those rotten apples on the bottom of the tree are...

I got a chain e-mail for ya'!

If you don't pass this on to 7 people in the next hour, nothing will happen!

3. Coolest Song Of The Week!

Well the rock out loud song of the week is 7 Things by Miley Cyrus. I don't care if it is disney its a good song!

2. Results of the contest, well we had only one participant and she didn't follow the rules. She did LOTS of questions you were only supposed to do 1. Sorry Hazel. But I am extending the contest so you have another chance. And so do you I need entries. Just leave it on comment!

1. Ok I am going to play a game. I am going to say a totally weird sentence and the decode it!

I ingest xysters at noon hour.

I= Me
Ingest= Eat
Xysters= A Medical instrument used for scraping bones
Noon Hour: 12 P.M.

Basically, I eat medical bone-scraping instruments at noon.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

5. Nation Wide is not on my side! When I fall down at school, Nation Wide isn't there to help me up. When a girl or boy is being a jerk, Nation Wide isn't there to back me up on my comebacks. You have to pay for them. If they we're really on my side, they'd be my friend, and not make me pay them. So here's the down-low on insurance companies. If they only want you're money, find someone else. Hey Nation Wide, some advice for ya'! Change you're logo to Nation Wide isn't on you're side! This is: Bad

4. Well the Wednesday Tops are In! If you made it congrats! If you didn't then you're post didn't WOW! me... sorry. You got to try hard to make it in my tops!
5. Splotchy! http://isplotchy.blogspot.com/2008/09/it-was-wet-wet-weekend.html
4. A Cup Of Coffey http://cup-of-coffey.blogspot.com/
3. Grant Miller http://theofficialsiteofgrantmiller.blogspot.com/ September 16th
2. Natalie http://natalied6579.blogspot.com/ September 17th
1. A Sunny Thought http://asunnythought.blogspot.com/2008/09/40-didnt-suck.html

3. Wickedest Song Of The Week

It's cheesy, catchy, and a good song to get stuck in the head.

2. A quick update on my life. It is doing well, good grades, good friends, easy homework, and I need a vacation.

1. Random Question Contest: Whoever can think of the weirdest question, gets honored on my blog. Just leave it on comment and I will choose and announce on the next Wednesday Top 5.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Terrorist Random Belated Wednesday Top Five

Sorry it's a bit late. Better late then never, right?
Big Deal Over America
Big deal! That's what I think in my head when the teachers at open house say "The Work Is A Lot Harder This Year", that's what I think when my mom says "This year is a preperation year for 7th grade, because next year counts for 1 third of high school, that's what I think when anyone says, Today is the 7th anniversery of 9/11. I'll tell you something, it has been 7 years since 9/11 and yes, I agree it was a horrible thing for America. And yes, I know many people lost loved ones. But you know what? It's ok to remember but why spend time reliving the bad parts of our history? A century from now, a class of school kids will be learning about this, and if I'm still alive then my grandkids will be using me for a report on it and what it felt like. I was only little when it happened, I only knew the towers crashed my dad wouldn't tell me anything else. I knew it was bad it was all that was on TV. Weeks after, I was hearing about people who survived the crash. And yes, I agree that terrorists suck. But you knoiw what? That's behind us. I can't say that it'll never happen again. But sonme people are thinking "What Can I Do?" the answer is, "Let It Be" that's all you can do. And it's been 7 years

The Top Five On My A-List This Week

5. I, Splotchy "My Obligatory September 11th Post" http://isplotchy.blogspot.com/
4. Grant Miller Media. "Why I Will Never Be A PTA Parent" http://www.theofficialsiteofgrantmiller.blogspot.com/
3. A Cup Of Coffey "Gone Fishin" http://cup-of-coffey.blogspot.com/
2. Johnny Yen "The First--and Last-- Time I Saw You" http://johnnyyen.blogspot.com/
1. This One Is Older- But It's A great Post! Gordy 'Cuse

The Coolest And Saddest Song Of The Week

Let It Be My Favorite Song (Or At Least My Favorite Beatles Song)

Older Then 21

I know how to flatter adults. I say "Wow! 21 Years That's Old Enough To Drink!" My grandma turned 79 yesterday congrats to her! 79 years is a long time. Longer then 21. But I like making my grandma feel special. i call her yesterday, and she goes "I went out to lunch and got some lovely silk flowers" that's what I love about my grandma, she's easy to please. It seems that all the birthdays are in September I know at least 10 September birthdays. Maybe January/December is a popular time to get pregnant.

Yeah, well that's it for now. Sorry its not 5. Many years of Therapy and you'll get over it. :)

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

You're So Vain You Proably Think Economy Is All About You!

Well, It's Sunday again here I am at my desk chair with a weekend of memories, a light load of homework, plans for the next week, and ambitions for the new week. Have any of you ever thought about the fact that although Sunday is truly the new week, everyone considers Monday the start of the new week. Well, I had a typical weekend. Sleepover with my friends, and hung around my house then I went out to lunch today. With my mom's friend, who happens to work at the newspaper. They were talking about economy,and that got me thinking about things. Thousands a day being laid-off for no apparent reason, last June I blogged about money. Back then, I was blogging about how money isn't everything. The way I see it, you're health is what makes you live so that is important, you're feeling are how you live an exciting life and that's free, and family, friendship, and love is how you live life in my opinion. But in order to know how you're health is, you need money for a doctor and to keep a healthy health, you need money for food and medicine. In order to get ceartin types of feelings you need money. For example, to feel sad without being hurt you need money to buy a trashy romance novel. To feel sad for free, get a boyfriend who will cheat on you. You need money to live, so yes in a way money is everything. But money can't buy happiness, which is the best thing in the world and it's free. But unfortunately, happiness can't stop you from getting cancer, or starving to death. Everyoner is waiting for the election to make changes. Why wait until the election? Why not make changes now, start saving the enviorment now and keep in mind, if you're reading this right now and you we're laid-off hang in there and were all in this together.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Beat Goes On

Well, it's Wednesday again time for my Wednesday tops. Only this time, it's not my summer vacation anymore, it's my school year. As I blog, I am wearing my school uniform and my homework is done! (Thank god)

1. First Day
Well, on Tuesday morning, I walked on to the astro turf field with butterflies in my stomach. As it turns out, this year going into middle school I get electives. I have the same recess period as my friends in my other class. I like everyone in my class so far, homework is not bad. And the writing is something I can actually relate to without being bored, so yes the writing is challenging with interesting topics. Plus, we get to read the book I've wanted to read!

2. A House Is Not A Home, Until Now
Well, it's been three years since my mom and I moved into my step-dad's house. And on record that's about as long as I have lived in a house with my mom. See, it's been a weird cycle, my mom and dad got divorced when I was in kindergarten. they both moved into a apartment. My dad moved into a ratty, small one (No Offense, Dad) and my mom moved into a nice bigger one. In about first grade, my dad met someone and we moved into a nicer, bigger apartment. In about second grade, my mom and I had too much space, so we moved to a still nice, but smaller buggier house. (No Offense, Mom) In a neighborhood with a occasional cub drunk. The same year, my dad and I moved to where we lived with my mom when I was in Pre-K. But this time, it was with my step-mom and the house had been re-done. My old room had become a pantry. Then about a year later, my mom and I settled down in our best home with my step-dad and step-brother. I was in 3rd grade when this happened. i am now in middle school . As for my dad's we have lived in the same building since I was in second grade but early this past summer we moved upstairs. So three years living with my family in this house. (My mom's family) But Johnny Yen and Z Evil Dictator have lived here for 10 years! Blows me out of the water. But it's nice to be contributed in those 10 years. :)

3. The A List: Top Three Posts Of The Week!
Congrats! To my Top Five Posts Of The Week
3. Barista Brat- Shock And Uh 8/27/08
2. Mn Mom- Am I The Only One? 9/3/08
1. Johnny Yen- Ten years 9/1/08

4. Grooviest Song Of The Week

"It's Our Time Now" A truly groovy song. Great for dancing in you're bedroom privately!!!

5. Peyton's Rainbow

I don't remember if I have blogged about my little cousin Peyton. She is two. She has had Leukimia twice. She had a bonemero at the beginning of the summer. She has to stay in isolation for 150 days. She is allowed to see her mom, dad, grandparents they just have to be careful about who comes in and who doesn't. She is like a rainbow, she is pretty and full of hope, but if the sunshines through (In this case if the rain comes) she could disappear. However, she is 41 days in and she is being taken off steroids. (Thank God!) With hope, she may be able to come out of "Ronald Mcdonald" house sooner then we thought so she is way better. Keep the fingers crossed. :)

Well, there's the top five. Those are my Wednesday tops.
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Monday, September 01, 2008

Less Than Labor

Well, I am back from Wisconsin. It came and went, luckily the weekend went very slowly. Thursday morning, at 10:45 (They were late) I got into the very back of a blue mini-van with my best friend. We we're excited and talked about everything that we would do on the trip. Before the trip, I was thinking "Gee, I want to hang out with my friend this weekend but I also hope we can have some alone time" Well we did. By the time we got there on Thursday, everyone was ready for a nap, and a long walk on the beach. The cabin was pretty, it had three bed rooms and it had games. (My favorite was original Yathzee) I shared a room with my friend, and her annoyingly cute little sister. We had debated about who slept where earlier, and it came to be that me and my friend didn't want the top bunk. For me, it was not fun going up and down, the ladder felt hard, she felt the same. So it came to be that her little sister slept up there for the whole visit. I got the full size bottom (Yes!) my friend comfortably agreed that she wanted the floor. (I don't like the floor.)
On the first day, we did a lot of fun things. We started the day by going out to eat, at a restaurant that had goats on the roof. It was a swedish joint, the food wasn't half bad. Then we past "Pirate Mini Golf" it had go-carts, and we could not pass up the opportunity. I went around maybe 20-25 times in 10 minutes or less. And I didn't crash!!!! I always crash! But the steering wheels actually worked this time. Then my personal favorite part of the trip, we rented a pontoon boat for two hours. It was fun, and my friends dad who was with us stripped down to his boxers, and jumped into 30 foot water. i was going too, but they said the famous "No" Then we went to get huge scoops of 1 pound ice cream. Best ice cream I've had all summer in my opinion. Next day, we were beach bums and I dug a 2 and a half feet deep hole. We went out for a good dinner, and another huge ice cream. Then we went back to the cabin and did a fire pit, and we told stories (Ghost Stories) and looked at the stars. i am a city girl, but in Chicago you can't see the beauty of the stars.
And yesterday we left early and took a fairy over too some island. Very small island population of about 700. (Maximum!) They have one school Pre-K to 12th grade! And last year, there was only 87 kids in the school. And those were the 87 kids in town. We toured around there, and I realized something, this was so small. One of the stops on the tour was a little petting zoo, mainly a few animals (A bear!) and that is considered their big attraction. Imagine, knowing everybody in you're town, so everywhere you go you see people. No strangers whatsoever!
We ended the visit with a game of "Apples To Apples" very funny game. The basic rules are:
There is a judge who puts down a card with a adjective on it, and the players put down a noun, or proper noun that in their opinion best describes the word. It can be very entertaining.

So anyway, my friend's little sister is only 7 (The game is for 12 and up) so she tagged teamed with her dad. She drew the card Sexy from the deck. Being seven, her dad would've been a better pick. I had nothing in my hand so I put Salvador Dali and my friend's mom put down Indiana Jones. I forget what the my mom, and friend put down. So between those two, the 7-year old who loves Indiana Jones said, "Indiana Jones Is Not Sexy!" And she picks Salvador Dali. If I were judge, I would have picked Indiana Jones. (Shia Labouf Is In His Latest Movie, and he is very sexy)

One more thing, I had to go to the bathroom on the small island. And the lady pointed to the restroom area. I ran there, and I opened the door there was a TV, some games a kitchen and a guy. I said "Is This A House?" and he said "Yeah" I thought it was the bathroom. :)

Great Weekend!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Life, May Not Be Shear Genius But It's The Next Best Thing :)

I was inspired to do one more post before vacation. Well, usually I am not one for reality TV but I have been watching Shear Genius every Wednesday. I like the show and it started in the beginning on summer. Every Wednesday I would sit down and watch it. In between these Wednesdays things would happen. Little events like sleep overs, and swimming, and vacations. All the events that happened between 9 o'clock on Wednesdays all make up one big thing. My summer. And all the summers make up one other thing, my life. Or at least one fourth of my life. I said all last winter that this summer would be the "Best Summer Of My Life" Looking back, I think it is. My mom said to count memorial day as summer. Doing so I've figured out that this summer I've

1. Gone To Minnesota
2. Went To Florida.
3. Went To Wisconsin Dells.
4. Going To Wisconsin, Door County
5. Got into gifted program at my school.
6. Summer Camp
7. Done 11 miles on my bike in one sitting.
8. Time of my life.
9. Other Stuff

In my opinion not a bad summer. Actually pretty good summer. After my trip, (Which I want to go very slowly) I can't say I exactly want to go back to school but when I do, fall will come. This means my birthday, christmas, halloween, and most of my friend and some family's birthday. And eventually new years will get here. I don't want to rush it though. i just want to enjoy life. Let it take it's time. I suggest whoever is reading this do so too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Rolls Over And Out

As summer comes to an end, I realize something. A year from now, I'll be blogging about he same thing but this time I will be a sixth grade graduate, I'll be a year older, about ten more vacations will go by. And I'll have my christmas presents. not bad for a summer. Well now I am going to try a top ten, top five random things.
1. Lately I've been going on to Youtube looking up old commercials, and I like to watch them with my friends. I was inspired when I got a slinky a few weeks ago. By the way Metal will last longer! I like the following commercials best:
A. The 1970's slinky commercial
B. The scary Big Jim Sports Camper commercial.

2. Top five blog posts of the weeks are in!

1. Barista Brat with Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Tuesday, August 19th.
2. Johnny Yen with Ready to Rock And Roll! Thursday, August 21st.
3. A Sunny Thought with The Hilary Post Wednesday, August 27th.
4. Land-O-LuLu with A Johnny Yen Moment Saturday, August 23rd
5. Sprawling Ramshackle Compound for Posting again Tuesday, August 26th

3. I'm starting a new feture on my blog called, "Coolest Song Of The Week" every week I choose a song I like, (It's not all Hannah Montana) and I post it on my blog.
My step-dad showed me this song, I love it!

4. Last night I watched Hilary make her speech. I can see why so many people (This means you Uncle Gordon!) love her, she is a great leader and role model. She supports children health care, she supports women's rights, and most importantly she thinks that children are able to live up to their potential. :) I wish she was still on the ballot, and I wish she was teamed up with Obama. But she's not. Also another cool thing is, she wants to kick Mcain's butt!

5. My Aunt Colleen lost her brother Charlie a few days ago. I don't think I ever met him. But he sounds like a nice guy, and now he is up in heaven with the other nice guys in our family. Aunt Colleeen- I am sorry for you're loss, but now he doesn't have to deal with cancer anymore, he can be happier and pain free, and he is watching over you and he loves you.

Well, my first random 5 not bad. I am taking a break from blogging for a few days, (Going on vacation) so I'll blog on Monday, only a weeks away. Unless they have computer there, it's only a while away.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally Getting Around

There are things people want you to blog about, and you say yyou will but you never do. For example, my step-brother Adam had a massive coin collection, and keeps bugging my mom to blog about it but she never does. He stopped bugging her and now she'll never blog about it. So now I have decided to take another load off my mom's sholders, and super random gal saves the day!

My step-brother Adam has a massive coin collection. It's cool, and the coins come from everywhere China, Canada, Argentina (maybe) But if he wants to let the world know, he should stop worrying about his reputation and actually blog about it. There I blogged about it. (Are you happy now?)

With this summer going by, I feel strange. I spend 3 weeks in Florida, (A little too long.) I come home there is reunion, camp, and now I sit here in my chair just thinking about what I'm going to do today. Life really is too short, and I have ben watching it move, from living it, to reading blog posts, and listening to compliments about how I've grown, and from just observing everybody. It feels like 2006 just ended a few weeks ago.

I know for a fact, in 3 weeks I'll be sitting in this office chair, Typing on the same mac mini, staring at the same key board, and blogginng about how great my school year is, and some other random stuff.

Yes, I know I am a drama queen.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing For Money, Junk For Free

Money, A.K.A Food, Shelter, Gas, Child Support, Entertainment, Gas, Water, And Electricity. Online, not everythin g is free. Like you have to pay for the better email. Or the better blog. Or the better membership. Kind of stupid because, it's Real Money, For Virtual Stuff Yahoo email, for a more creative email adress, $35 a year. Not exactly pricey, but not worth it for what i could be spending. Club Penguin, (Weird Disney Chat Room Thing) $60 a year, just to be able to have more than others. (Clothes and Stuff) Money can go towards way better things, plus you can get pens and stuff for free. AND THEY ARE REAL!!!
In other news, summer is ending for me. Z Evil Dictator (My Step Brother) is already in school. So, I am happy just for 13 more days. I go on one more vacation soon, back to Wisconsin again. It's going to be fun, I mean like it's almost like a camping trip. Horse back riding, hiking, buying stuff. It's called Door County. 13 days, summer went to fast. But the sooner fall comes, the sooner my birthday comes, the sooner halloween comes, and christmas, and New Years.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Get Around

Last three weeks of summer, never my favorite three weeks. It's the time when all the extra popsicles start to melt, and everyone gets ready to go on last minute trips. When the camps end, and the kids are free. When work stays the same, and most of all when you start to think about all that life is worth. For me, the last three weeks of summer have always been finish camp, go back to visit family in Minnesota, and of course make plans with my friends. I always go to do my dreaded back to school shopping. These three weeks have been different, because for me camp ended in the beginning of August. So really, I have had the extra few weeks. Mostly it's been about seeing my friends, getting together with my friends, and hanging out with my dad and step dad. While my mom and step mom go to work, and come back swamped. Sometimes they aren't swamped though, sometimes they actually look like they feel pretty good. Some advice for writers out there, "You can never write something that will make everybody happy, so just say it, and write it it like it is" Kind of scary how fast the year went by. Feels like I just did the first post of the year.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

There's A New King In Town!

In my opinion we should make an effort to honor the little guys who don't have all the luck. The man we are honoring today is, Eric Voilette.

Voilette is 26 years old. He plays guitar, and he acts. He is French Canadian. He can do martial arts too. I know he sounds like a nobody but, he is the one who lipsyncs to catchy tunes. He is the one who acts like he works in a sea food resturaunt, he married his dream girl but they live in her parent's appartment. He got a piece of junk for a car, so now he is riding a bike everywhere. But the best thing he does, is annoy the heck out of my mom. If you havent guessesd yet, he is FREE CREDIT REPORT GUY!

He is going to be the first ever Man Of The Month ! Along with this there is also the, Man Of The Month Alternative this would be the dead man of the month. The alternnative man of the month, is Bernie Mac.

Bernie Mac just died today of phemonia. Sadly, he was only 50 at the time this happened. He was born in 1957, in Chicago, IL. According to Mac, he was abused as a child. (They would whip him) At 32, Mac began acting, in movies like "Ocean's Eleven", "Bad Santa", and more recently, "Transformers" You are proably also aware that he has his own show "Bernie Mac" it is called.

Bernie is the alternative man of the month because, I like him. In Memorial for Bernie Mac.

Friday, August 08, 2008

You might as well face it you're addicted to something!

Everyone is addicted to something. Seriously, even if you are the most boring person who does the same routine everyday, then you are addicted to routine. We all know common addictions, such as drinking and nicotine. (Both not so good) Then there are food addictions, I know its not a food but I am addicted to gum. Sugarfree gum that is, sugar gum looses it flavor in five minutes or so. Aparently if you chew more then two pieces a day you're teeth fall out. Yet another lie told by my darling mother. (MOM: Please Note I Have Things To Share With People If You Lie...) Addictions, there are Annoying addictions, (Like snapping bubble wrap all day in front of people) Gross addictions, (Like chewing with ou're mouth open, nose picking) Weird addictions, (Poking everyone you see) Common addictions, (Smoking) and a bunch of other addictions. It is a long list, they sasy if you go three weeks without doing you're addiction you stop. It might be thrue with smaller addictions such as chewing with the mouth open, but for nictoine you need help.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Peace Out!

I was thinking yesterday about peace. There is never going to be peace all around the world. This would mean, no one ever dying, no diseases, no guns, no one making noises at 3 a.m. But to me peace isn't all of that stuff, it's no war and no fighting for stupid reasons. If guns we're banned from the world, and war was permanetly over, and people didn't get into fist fights just becasue someone bumps into them then that it would be peace enough. Think about it, as I type 100 soilders are killed in the war. 100 families cry, 100 people find out what happens after life. If guns weren't around then people wouldn't have to short circuit their lives. And if war was gone then our world would be a lot happier of a place.
And, the reunion went well mainly it could have been just a weekend with the family. Mostly what i did was go around the hotel knock on people's doors, go in have some kind of drink, and then talk and leave. In beetween changing rooms, we would swim, go out to eat, and party it up every night; My kind of weekend. We didn't go to the water park as we thought we would, we hung out with family, which was way more fun anyway. And we went down the little four inch baby slides. (We had a lot of fun with Baby Ruth bars, and brownies ;) Good time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Changing Leaves

Well, I usually blog about random things, but I think I am going to start blogging a little more about my life. (I still will blog about random stuff of course.) Because I am interesting. Starting, my step brother Adam has played little leauge at our local park for about 7 years now. Starting this this year, I started going to his games. I went once or twice, then I left for vacation for about 3 weeks. Then recently, it was my step brother's (Z Evil Dictator, Adam) final game of the season and I decided to tag along. I Brought my video camera, because well I like to film things. Then I got into it and I went to His first play off game, (I missed the second because I was at my dad's house) then his first world seireis then his second. The team they were playing was great! Funny they played the cubs and that morning I didn't know I was going to the game and I wore my cubs shirt. (And I forgot to take it off!) our family had a family reunion this weekend. And Friday we were supposed to go to a water park all of us, and all of us would've it's just if Adam's team ("Red Sox") had won today, then they would of played Friday and my mom and I would've only gone. It still would've been fun but not as fun as going with Brian and Adam. I am sad that they lost, but Adam made it to the world series and he got to pitch in the world seires. So all in all, great season. And also, We're going to the dells!

* It is also our 2nd family reunion together, and this September it will be three years since my mom and I moved in to this house where I am blogging from.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Flight Plan, Emergancy Plan, College Plan, And Other Stressy Things

Plans, do you stress them or look forward to them. Plans in general are interesting and there are a bunch of different plans.
A. Code 300 Plan- A happy plan like doing lunch with a friend.
B. Code 600 Plan- A important, can't miss plan. Like, a trip to the doctor.
C. Code 200 Plan- A dreadly plan that you can't get out of, even if you wanted too.
D. Code Red Plan- Emergency plan that doesn't have a date, like if you're house is on fire.
E. Code 900 Plan- A big chance plan, like a opprutounity for a promotion or raise.
F. Code 700 Plan- A plan made up on the spot, like you wake up and say, "Today I will go to work for till' Noon, then go hnave lunch and see a movie with my son.
G. Code Black Plan- Also made up on the spot, a emergency plan, like having to go to the ER right away.
H. Code WTIA (Way Too In Advanced) Plan- A plan that is extremelly in advance. Like a movie coming out in December, but you make plans too see it the June before.

Theese plans can interfere with eachother, especially if you're not organized. (See "Write It Down Or Your Paycheck Will Go Down") Take this example, It is Wednesday, you make a Code 300 and make plans to see a movie with you're friend, at 2' o'clock next Monday. You and you're friend haven't talked for a while so if you miss this she'll never talk to you again! That Wednesday night, you come home and get the "Time for a dentist trip" postcard scheduled for 1 o'clock Monday. Then you're boy friend/girl friend calls and says you have to eat dinner at the Berkley's Monday night, or else. You're boss calls after dinner that Wednesday night, and says Monday, 3:00 o'clock! Make a presentation and you get you're 50% raise! Then you look on you're calender and see that you made plans WTIA for Monday at 9:00 to go to you're son's baseball game HIS FINAL ONE EVER!

The dentist runs late, you get to the movie at 2:45 you're friend is mad! You leave at 2:50 rush downtown for you're presentation, you rushed so much and worried about this Monday that you forgot to make a presentation! You're boss yells at you so long that you forget to go to The Berkley's for pot roast at 5:00 you get there by six, they are upset, you spend the time making an apology cake you rush out at 100:00 you forget about the cake. By the time you're at the game it is 10:23 you missed you're sons grand slam!

Congrats, you lost you're job, you lost you're BEST FRIEND, you burnt the Berkley's house down (They are you're girlfriend/boyfriend's mother and father by the way!) Lost you're girl/man, and lost half you're money by making it up to you're son in toys/books. ($$$)

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Being Dumb

No, this is not about George Bush. An eight-year old girl in Indiana swallowed 20 steel marbles and 10 magnets from her toy, Magnetix. So her parents want to take the toy of the shelf. Now, I am supposed to say "Poor Girl" or "Such a sad story" but nope, today I am saying "How dumb can you get?" They shouldn't take this toy off the market just for a girl being stupid enough to eat it. One, she is 8 not 2 she knows better then to eat her toys. And two, when you swallow toys your intestines are going to be ripped in 8 places. Actually, You can be hurt if you swallow anything that isn't food, you can even be hurt by food itself. The stupid toy isn't dangerous, I have had it before it was even available in the U.S.A. Basically, being dumb is something you can totally avoid. If you take the split second to think it out, it'll work itself out! If george Bush had taken the split second that his workers might not be lying, then the U.S.A would have a high population right now.
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Decisions are hard to do, considering they could affect your entire future. Especially the little choices. Let's say your someone is making you dinner and they ask you "Garlic Bread, or Roll?" you choose the garlic bread, and you dip it in a ton of vinegar. You have a hot date later, and you know how it makes you feel. You throw up half the night, and \you're driving your date's car. Then, you're date tells the entire office and you loose you're promotion for treating a lady so awfully. That leaves you making 5,00 a year. You can't get a better job because you didn't go to college, you can't go to college because you cannot afford tuition. All because of that little tiny decision of "Garlic Bread, or Roll?" Then the bigger choices have a higher effect. Let's say you apply for.. umm... 21 colleges and for accept. You have Stanford, Clown, Maryland Community, and Reform University. Stanford is the safe choice, have a good job, high pay and enough to start a family and travel around. Clown, is the dumb choice have a low pay not enough for someone to even hit on you but you'd make people smile :). Maryland would be OK but you can afford better choosing Maryland would be like getting a C on a test when you could do better, or worse. Reform, brings two words to mind, "Kill" and "Jail" Personally of those four, I would choose Stanford. Choices have a full affect on you.
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You can never get enough...

People are always like, "You can never get enough water" You actually can get enough. Let's say there is a doctor and she says,
"Hmm, Well yes your X-ray is healthy but you need to drink more water, you can never get enough water." Then she hands you all these pantalets saying "Water Unlimited" and "Whatever Water!?!?" So you go home and read the pantalets and you drink water. You drink a glass...then two.... then five...then ten...then twenty six. That is a grand total of, 44 eight oz. glasses. You begin to spend more time in the bathroom letting the water out. You're boss notices you're trips to the bathroom and begins to see poor work. He fires you, you drink more and more, then you're father-and-law comes to visit and she takes you and your girlfriend/boyfriend out for a special dinner. He is finally getting to like you and after this dinner, if all goes well then he is willing to let you get married to his daughter/son. He notices that you (He/She) continuously go to the bathroom, and drink water he takes you're girlfriend/boyfriend away in his private jet before the bill comes. Congrats, you lost your job, and your girlfriend/boyfriend. By the time your next check-up rolls around you tell your doctor what's happen and she replies, "You were only supposed to drink two 32 ounce glasses a day you idiot! She charges you and since you lot your job you can't pay the bill, and you go to jail. The moral of the story is Too Much Of Anything Is Not Good
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Pushing It Too Far

There is a line a big thick line made up of sheep and men's bare back's. On one side of the line is when a company thinks of a big idea and you stretch it out to much and ruin it. Then there is when you create another great thing, don't promote it or make something new and the item gets old an uncool. If this isn't clear to you, I understand it's not very clear with me either. Ok here is an example. Your in work, you work for Dreamworks pictures and you need a new movie idea. Your best friend, Joe Mama writes best-selling romance novels and he writes a story and gives it to you. You improve some of the details and you have a blockbuster hit. A month after the movie comes out, it stops making so much money and you spent eighty million dollars on it so you need to promote it more. Now if your sister, Ima Doofus were in charge of the movie she wouldn't promote it, and people would get tired of the idea and go watch grass die. But you're not Ima! So you decide to make a breakfast cereal of the movie, and Burger King starts making and selling toys of that movie, you make can can openers, notebooks,earring,hats, everything with the movie's title on it. All goes well, so you make a sequel, a year later it's a trilogy. On it's fifth movie you've moved down to the small screen, and your old viewers watch Twins or The Last Mimzy instead. Now if you go right on the line with the men you have a good movie. You know companies keep making new because we get tired of old, but I want new ideas because I get tired of the same movie, the same songs, the same swag, and the same face.
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(NOTE: Sorry for the cancelation of the previous Cheesy Movie Saturday It shall continue tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Who Thought?

Have you ever wondered who invented something? I am not talking about the obvious things like "The Telephone" or the "Computer" but the little things that you may not care about but you use almost every, single, day. For example take the Peanut Butter And Jelly sandwich, someone had to come up with the creation. Sure, you don't care but 3 to 5 times a week you take PB&J on to your 9 to 5 extravaganza at your office, and are grateful because that is the only thing you have to eat.
Now, when you think about it everybody has invented something in their lifetime. Unless, you are one of those people who is allergic to drawing/writing. Like, for example your at a business meeting listening to your boss jabber on, and on for six hours which could easily be explained in a three line email, or a one page letter. Anyways, you sit there listening to the guy and your slightly doodling on your post it note. When the guy finishes your finally, done and you created something nobody has ever done before. No drawing is ever the same, like a spider web.

Cheesy Movie Saturday

This is a new feature on my blog, called Cheesy Movie Saturday every Saturday, I will talk about a random topic for a while then introduce a new Cheesy Movie. Today's Cheesy Movie is, Bicentennial Man.
Bicentennial Man is a Two Hour and six minute movie, set in the future. The movie starts out in 2005 in a typical household, with a mother, a father, a tough jock girl, and a small innocent younger girl. The robot is different from all the other robots because it's gifted this robot has feelings. The robot's name is Andrew and Andrew loves his family particularly the youngest girl, and the father. Andrew longs to be a human and does a bunch of things to himself so that he looks human. The story goes, on and on until everyone in Andrew's family dies except for the youngest girl's granddaughter.

What makes this movie so Cheesy?
For one thing, although a good movie it is a family feel good movie. Family feel good movies are ALWAYS Cheesy. The movie is kind of weird it talks a lot about people dying, but it is funny. The ending is very Cheesy, the robot dies because he became human physically, and when he is about to become human legally, he dies.

1. Robin Williams is the main character, Andrew. You may recognize Robin Williams from; RV, Mrs.Doubtfire, August Rush, Jumani,and Patch Adams. To name a few.

2. Hallie Kate Eisenbirg as, the youngest girl best known as "Little Miss" or Amanda. Hallee was in the 2000 version of The Miracle Worker and was in The goodbye girl

3. Others Are:
Sam Neill (Yes, and Jurassic Park lll)
Bradley Whitford (The West Wing and Fathers And Sons)
Angela Landis (ER, and Best Friends)

That was the first Cheesy Movie. Next Saturday I will have another Cheesy Movie. (Please Note; I WILL post other times this week too keep checking!)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ad me!

Salesman have a way of persuading you to get stuff. Little,advice for future salesman, "If your going to try to get a job at the store selling things they'll only give you the job if you can get them to stuff a hog down their pants. You have to have the way, of persuading people. Let's say it is Monday morning you are groggy from last night's Fondue Bridge Session you have a headache and your a college dude/chick and you have a headache. You have a job interview at nine a.m they are offering you 36,000 a year plus health, dental, and travel benefits you just have to show them that you can get someone to buy it, without being too pushy because that loses income and revenue. You have to be perky too because no one wants to buy an item from a uptight dude/chick. You get into your SUV and drive to the interview. The head of Marshal Fields will hire you easy, all you have to do is persuade him to throw his phone out the window, his cell phone, is his most prized position he needs it for all of his work stuff. This is what you do, "You say in a grumpy, rude voice Fine and you throw it out the window. Now, if Marshal Fields was a good company they would hire that dude/chick so that we could save thousands of dollars a year. But No they have to go with a different approach let's say the interview is on a Tuesday. The club was canceled you feel great and confident and go to the interview. You point at the man and say in a calm yet happy jumpy voice and tell him all the problems with his phones and how much stress it puts on him if he didn't have a phone how much easier life would be. If he protests you agree but say something like "True but...." or "Your right,but maybe...." You do such a great job that you got the job! Now Marshal's just lost you about a briefcase full of money because this salesman kept getting you to buy more and more stuff! My advice when push come to shove,don't give into Pushy Dudes Who Sell Pressure.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hangin' Around

Have you ever hung around someone for a really long time? Let's say your geeky neighbor. Your suburban neighborhood puts their guard up when a single 40 year old man, who wears suspender, and is a computer techie moves in down the block. Nobody likes him one day when your going out to eat the dude is there. You go to the back room to get your coat and then, he is there too. You have a casual conversation (you try to be polite) and just as your both about to leave, there is an alien invasion! You must stay in the restaurant so you won't be abducted but sadly while you were being casual, the restaurant closed so it is just you and your geeky neighbor. By the end of the invasion, you have made a new best friend, a new sense of style, and a new catch phrase. Basically the longer you hang around someone you pick up there vibes start to get used to them so you start to be like them let's say you hung around your geeky neighbor for eighty years. Then you would be a lot like him, but you would still be yourself. Now let's go from a different point of view, your a lonely teenager, they all tease you because you never got a nose job. As a kid, you loved mustard it was your favorite thing on a saturday night. Since you clearly have no life, you sit on your couch and watch SNL with a bottle of mustard. Many saturday nights later you start to talk to the mustard a year later you are exactly like the mustard, pale skin,lifeless, and stupid. Now al that time if you had just gone to the movies with your mom, or go on match.com then you wouldn't be known as "Mustard Punk" Point straight: longer ya' hang around longer you become one of your buddy.
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Occasional Random Wednesday Top Ten POSTPONED

I was about to work out with Optimist Leslie when I realized that many fellow bloggers do the Random Friday Top 10 i don't want to do it on Friday I want to do it now. But I don't want to do it every Wednesday. So I will do it every occasional Wednesday. Now, If any of you have read my blogger profile then you know my musical interest. Teen Pop On my ipod! The following songs came on.
I just accidently erased my entire shuffle songs. And sadly I have the new ipod! The new ipod! doesn't let you see the songs that you have just played.. so sadly no shuffle. But I may as well talk about another subject for the next few minutes. I have been thinking a lot about dogs lately, I don't know why because I truly am a cat person. I am taking the big ISATS again I really don't care at this point just as long as we get are 15 minute complimentary breakfast at school. At school they give us a completely free no strings attached breakfast. It is usually quite tasty except for this gross doughnut it is called the Super Doughnut It tastes very bad. Now I must stop reminiscing. Sponge bob's on in three minutes and I still have too spell check. This may have been my most random post yet. (not too brag.)
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Sunday, March 02, 2008


I hate squirrels. They are like rats in nice suits. Squirrels rome the earth but they have one exclamation, They Are Aliens! I was in the park two years ago, just casually hanging out not harming any squirrels, until my gum loses it's flavor so I decide to have a cookie. I walked over to the park garbage can and what's there? A squirrel jumps out and nearly attacks me. Luckily, I was taking Track (running) at the time and I out ran the squirrel. The squirrel broke two laws that day. A. Hey was harassing an innocent person. B. He forced me to run so my gum fell out of my mouth! So technically HE MADE ME LITTER! You know squirrels are egotistical jerks! I was in the park three years ago it was summer and I was once again, Casually Hanging Out then my friend noticed a Huge nut and five minutes later, the squirrel grabbed it and buried it in the wood chips it was a huge nut, the squirrel could of at least shared it with his friends. Further more, squirrels are evils not aliens.
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Youtube tagged me!

This is my first tagging post.
1. I hate all music of every kind. Especially Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana is a total dumb blonde.)

2. I never have read, A Sunny Thought, Here Comes Johnny Yen Again, or Z Evil Dictator (Taking over the world is over rated.)

3. The color pink should be outlawed. It is too bright and cheerful I prefer grey.I am not girly.

4. My blog is all about political debate.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


When your bored you'll do anything. Let's pretend that your five years
old. Your in the time out chair. Nothing to do. Then you find a fly.
You follow it and follow it until it dies. You become interested and
you ask your mom what the green stuff coming out of the fly is. Back
in the time out chair. Now let's travel into time and Let's say your
eight. You are bored out of your mind, and you start looking at a
wooden chair. You start thinking of questions like, "Why do they call
it maple leaf?" and " Can I eat the chair?" Now if you were not bored
you would be making yourself yousful like stay out of the way to read
or watch TV. Now your twenty-two. Your at work, your boss keeps going
on and on about if Pantie-HOS! should be your client... You could care
less. So you start to pick up John's hand and move it up and down.
I think you get the point.
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P.S I was not bored when writing this post.

Monday, January 07, 2008

A quickeee

This is a shorter post but I'll post again tomorro.
The following are things to be excited about.
1. When a blond celebrity is killed.
2. When Roger Ebert gives a good review to a one star movie.
3. When the aliens eat pork.
4. When the boy bands admit that they suck.
5. When this post is over.