Friday, April 18, 2008

Pushing It Too Far

There is a line a big thick line made up of sheep and men's bare back's. On one side of the line is when a company thinks of a big idea and you stretch it out to much and ruin it. Then there is when you create another great thing, don't promote it or make something new and the item gets old an uncool. If this isn't clear to you, I understand it's not very clear with me either. Ok here is an example. Your in work, you work for Dreamworks pictures and you need a new movie idea. Your best friend, Joe Mama writes best-selling romance novels and he writes a story and gives it to you. You improve some of the details and you have a blockbuster hit. A month after the movie comes out, it stops making so much money and you spent eighty million dollars on it so you need to promote it more. Now if your sister, Ima Doofus were in charge of the movie she wouldn't promote it, and people would get tired of the idea and go watch grass die. But you're not Ima! So you decide to make a breakfast cereal of the movie, and Burger King starts making and selling toys of that movie, you make can can openers, notebooks,earring,hats, everything with the movie's title on it. All goes well, so you make a sequel, a year later it's a trilogy. On it's fifth movie you've moved down to the small screen, and your old viewers watch Twins or The Last Mimzy instead. Now if you go right on the line with the men you have a good movie. You know companies keep making new because we get tired of old, but I want new ideas because I get tired of the same movie, the same songs, the same swag, and the same face.
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(NOTE: Sorry for the cancelation of the previous Cheesy Movie Saturday It shall continue tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.


kim said...

I'm tired of the same swag, movies, and tv shows too; and the same face, except yours.

Anonymous said...

I like your comments on old movies,the problem for me is I have seen them for many years. As you know your Poppy is a movie buff and we watch old movies a lot. I feel the same about you face it is so Pretty.Love G.

Kaer Trouz said...

hey melo
not everyone is dumb they just may not see it your way
but for sure some are dumb
and some just suffer from pica
(look it up it always comes in handy, pica)