Saturday, June 07, 2008

You can never get enough...

People are always like, "You can never get enough water" You actually can get enough. Let's say there is a doctor and she says,
"Hmm, Well yes your X-ray is healthy but you need to drink more water, you can never get enough water." Then she hands you all these pantalets saying "Water Unlimited" and "Whatever Water!?!?" So you go home and read the pantalets and you drink water. You drink a glass...then two.... then five...then ten...then twenty six. That is a grand total of, 44 eight oz. glasses. You begin to spend more time in the bathroom letting the water out. You're boss notices you're trips to the bathroom and begins to see poor work. He fires you, you drink more and more, then you're father-and-law comes to visit and she takes you and your girlfriend/boyfriend out for a special dinner. He is finally getting to like you and after this dinner, if all goes well then he is willing to let you get married to his daughter/son. He notices that you (He/She) continuously go to the bathroom, and drink water he takes you're girlfriend/boyfriend away in his private jet before the bill comes. Congrats, you lost your job, and your girlfriend/boyfriend. By the time your next check-up rolls around you tell your doctor what's happen and she replies, "You were only supposed to drink two 32 ounce glasses a day you idiot! She charges you and since you lot your job you can't pay the bill, and you go to jail. The moral of the story is Too Much Of Anything Is Not Good
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Anonymous said...

What a funny story I am going to pass it on to some of Grandmas friends. People are age have to live near a bathroom. Ha ha Gram

Irregular Kiki said...

Nice moral you got there.

randomgal said...