Friday, December 21, 2007


Nobody ever acknowledges Hoboes. What we don't realize is that hoboes were once just like us. They ate porcupine,they brushed their teeth with mango flavored toothpaste. They Even HAD A BED! Hoboes are people too. Its just they threw away the privilege of mango flavored toothpaste when they went to high school. You see a male hobo went to high school before he was a hobo. He showed up in sensible shoes with a decent haircut. Then they see their girlfriend flirting with their best friend and the soon to be hobo, walks up to his girlfriend and asks " Do hoboes enjoy swimming?" The girl says no and runs off with the best friend the hobo sells his shoes for a George Michael CD. And the hobo ends up in a toilet with the rest of his life.

I got a Q&A with a hobo. Here-goes:
Me: Do hoboes enjoy swimming?
Hobo: No, we prefer street puddles.
Me: What do hoboes do when not looking for shelter,food,and water?
Hobo: We go to the Radio Shack and watch the demo TV's, when Donny dumped Jenna for the cheerleader... I cried.
Me: What are hoboes' favorite foods?
Hobo: Caviar and beef jerky
Me: How do you get caviar?
hobo: I get caviar
Me: What is a presidential suite for a hobo?
Hobo: A heated dumpster

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NOTE: Sorry I haven't posted in a while I promise to post AT LEAST twice a week.