Sunday, March 25, 2007

check out my new story!

My new story I wrote!

Two of A Kind

Me and my best friends were all very close and we all had different styles. There were four of us. We were mainly best friends in kindergarten threw first grade. Although I was friends still friends with Biana and Obelia. It was a true fact that Rachel and I were two of a kind. Just like Obelia and Biana. We would all hang out together in kindergarten go over to eachothers houses back then we all hung out together. Then in first grade we were still all in the same class but things were... different. I started hanging out with Rachel way more then I was with Obelia and Biana. We would still eat lunch together and sometimes go over to one another's house but I wanted to always be wit h Rachel we were inseparable. In which, Obelia and Biana got mad at me. In second grade Rachel and Obelia were transferred to the gifted program which was a nightmare for me! Even though Biana was still in my class, I liked her but i always thought she was a little too bossy and bratty. in second grade me and Beanna became really good friends and at the end of the year best friends. But obelia and Rachel we all hung out in a group for parties,sleep overs,ect. In the around April I just finished a huge play and my mom brought me outside to play on the playground with Obelia and Beanna. While we were walking there my mom told me that next October Rachel was moving away to Salt Lake City,Utah. I wanted to cry but I didn’t because Rachel and I were still great friends but not as great friends as we were in previous years. That summer flew by i went on a few trips and I saw Rachel a little. That was it. when Rachel moved things changed. Me Beanna were two of a kind and me and Obelia were good friends. Me and Beanna saw each other everyday. On spring break my mom took me down to Salt Lake City Utah. I was very happy but scince I hadn’t seen Rachel in like forever I forgot how immature she was we could still talk about fun stuff and everything. But I was into reading and celebrities and boys. Rachel was into this virtual pet web site called and the pulshies and the trading cards but she did like to read but at the time she read way more advanced then me. I had the time of my life but I left knowing me and Rachel were no longer two of a kind. By fourth grade, Obelia and I rarely saw each other other then parties and sleep overs. At the rank Obelia was my friend who was like oh hi! What's new instead of seeing me almost everyday. And Rachel was like my pen pal. Beanna was my best friend who I saw almost saw everyday except Sunday. Then I made other best friends and really good ones by the time ISATS were over in the fourth grade Annah, Edeline, and Beanna were my best friends. And all the other girls in my class were my friends or my good friends. Now Me,Edeline,Beanna, and Annah were four of a kind. A.K.A. my best friends. As for me and Obelia we are just very good friends.

I hope you guys liked it! Enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Do you ever here really wacky names because i have been hearing wacky names ALOT now! Not so much in conversation but more in books, and stuff. I was reading im my math book and there were names like Lizbet, Janine, then there was this one name which i forgot but it was like a girls name with a letter taken away to be a boys name. Then also celebrities name their babies such bazzar names like Apple,Sari,Pilotinspector! It's like a popularity contest there are even names like Mr. I mean your reading a textbook and you expect too see names in the examples like Jane or Sam something common which in this case is rare. Even names like abraham why can't there be regular names like Susie,Sarah,Jacob I even know a kid named Niko and I know a kid named Ty. Not just pepole names but product names too like tamtam and hemminas but the top weirdest name I have come across so far is Orrivile! Thanx 4 readin' melody/Users/Melody/Desktop/73345479.jpg that's an apple!/Users/Melody/Desktop/200482273-001.jpg that's not!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Different Point of View

The ISAT is coming up. I don't really care. Some people make a big deal of the ISAT like my absent-minded science teacher Mr.Kerns. Quote: " Many people think this test is not a big deal but it is!" unquote. I personally think it is not big or small. That is why I hate the test not because I am stressed but because they spend two whole months forcing us to work in these "work books" that teaches us things we already knew... I guess you could say it's one BIG review test.Then when the test comes everybody makes a HUGE deal of it they even give us breakfast at school saying "It will keep their minds focused" you don't need to be focused to do 1st grade,2nd grade, and 3rd grade math,reading,and science. The test is almost an hour long! Which is not alot of time and for a fifty-minute review test everybody is flipping out! The worst thing is for two weeks I am stuck from 8:00 till' 11:00 sitting reading and taking the test. (it's three hours because other classes have longer time for the test) Most people don't realize it is just a review test. I don't know what the freak show is for.