Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What takes up alot of room and you never use?

You know, we all have two or three weekends out of the year where we just go through All our old stuff. We always look through and say "Oh! I had no idea this does some really cool things." Then it sits there another year and it happens all over again and again and again. then you get new stuff and it winds up in storage because you have no room You know no one knows why we like it it's simply OUR STUFF I mean science says we all are totally different mostly true but we all share two things one is earth the second is we all hate it when people use our stuff without them asking or using our stuff somewhere else. I mean I always get edgy. Here's a fact The average humans out of his/her house for 6 hours or more a day. At work or school. MINIMUM! Plus additional hours for friends houses,meetings,drives,restaurants,etc.,etc. Most humans leave at 8:00 and come home at 5:00 or later. Unless you have weird hours. Or your a slum with no job. (no offense) Then you come home eat shower watch TV. Go to bed. On the weekends we go out with friends relax or do work. Anyways that averages us out scratch household appliances (A.K.A chairs,beds tables, TV,kitchen stuff.) about an hour with our stuff. So suggestion before you buy
new stuff throw out the old stuff and try not to get stuff you wont use. That's it for now. - the girl
P.S The answer to the riddle is stuff if you haven't figured it out all ready dumbo! humor :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don't judge a book by it's cover...unless it's really ugly

It's funny how titles are. From Bands, to albums, to TV shows, to movies, to books. There are always wacky titles for you.
Let's start with bands. Like the Black Eyed Peas. Are they really black eyed peas? NO! They are a girl with so much makeup on her face that she always looks like she's looking at somoene's test paper. A man that looks like a monkey. Anothet man who looks like a buissnes man with funky hair. And a man who's kinda cute.

Then there is the show "Step By Step " That is not about a staircase. It's about a mixed stepfamily pranking each other. You may not know the show but it has Suzanne Sommers.

Then the movie, " Hairspray". Yes the movie does have things about hair Hoppers but even so the main thing is racisim. I mean Hair spray is a awesome movie but The title reflects nothing.

Then there is a book series called Dear Dumb Diary" and the diary isn't dumb it has nothing to do with a diary it's about a middle schooler's hard pre-teen life. Then lastly the album okay I can't think of an album but you get the picture the way I see it is nothing is ever just normal your not even normal or even me. And I'm okay with it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Check this Out.

We Are Family....Duh!

You know when I was down in Minnesota I got to see everybody. I was very happy. Now no family is the Brady Bunch... but no matter what a family is a family. I am not pointing fingers at anybody. Because I know more then my family look at my blog. so this is a lesson for all of y'all A FAMILY IS FAMILY! Now when I was down in Minnesota I made a DVD for my grandparents anniversery and the DVD menu song was "We Are Family" remixed by Jordan Pruitt. Now the whole songh isn't a fact but the title is..you may fight, pull hair, kick, scream but now matter what your still family. Always remember that. I am only saying this because when I was in Minnesota i realized you only see your family for so long! I am not pointing fingers here I am just saying that it's me because I can't come to Minnesota evrey month or week only a few times a year so you may be in a feud with your dad or feuding with your cousin your only with them for so long make the best out of it! Your not in a family feud your on family feud and do what they do in the game show shake hands and smile at eachother. It's like a flower you can torture it all you want but it will always remain beautiful. Remember that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Dero Spot

This song I recorded reminds me of Monday.

I Put The M In Mondays

Mondays, call me weird but I hate mondays. I mean most people feel mondays are good for a new start. I just always feel tired and drowsy on Mondays. I love every other day of the week better EXCEPT thursdays. yes I know everyone likes Thursdays but I think there boring in school there's no special classes on thursdays and I have nothing scheduled after school on Thursdays. I only like this particular Monday because I am off. For spring-break back last summer I awoke on a monday not completely envying for a Tuesday because it was summertime. And the radio was playing a song called Manic Monday to this day on every monday I play that song over and over again in my head until the end of the day and I can replace the song with TV. It works it depends if your into music or not but it helps to get through a monday! I dunno why but monday makes me feel blue not the sad blue the color blue. Here is the song that reminds me of Monday.