Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What takes up alot of room and you never use?

You know, we all have two or three weekends out of the year where we just go through All our old stuff. We always look through and say "Oh! I had no idea this does some really cool things." Then it sits there another year and it happens all over again and again and again. then you get new stuff and it winds up in storage because you have no room You know no one knows why we like it it's simply OUR STUFF I mean science says we all are totally different mostly true but we all share two things one is earth the second is we all hate it when people use our stuff without them asking or using our stuff somewhere else. I mean I always get edgy. Here's a fact The average humans out of his/her house for 6 hours or more a day. At work or school. MINIMUM! Plus additional hours for friends houses,meetings,drives,restaurants,etc.,etc. Most humans leave at 8:00 and come home at 5:00 or later. Unless you have weird hours. Or your a slum with no job. (no offense) Then you come home eat shower watch TV. Go to bed. On the weekends we go out with friends relax or do work. Anyways that averages us out scratch household appliances (A.K.A chairs,beds tables, TV,kitchen stuff.) about an hour with our stuff. So suggestion before you buy
new stuff throw out the old stuff and try not to get stuff you wont use. That's it for now. - the girl
P.S The answer to the riddle is stuff if you haven't figured it out all ready dumbo! humor :D


kim said...
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kim said...

Girl, you are hilarious and absolutely right. Great picture by the way.

xoxo, Mom