Sunday, May 06, 2007

Game Shows... Are We Really smart or are we dumb and the Hosts make us look like chickens are smarter then us.

Well I have had a good deal of game shows this weekend. You know probably some of you guys think game-shows are for desperate people who don't have a life. And if you like your teeth then you will take that comment back! Anyway some of those hosts are nice. Like the dudes on Wheel of fortune or Deal or No Deal. But like that new game show Are you Smarter Then A fifth Grader? With Jeff Foxworthy as the host he makes some wise cracks and not all of them are funny. To the player. Some of those questions aren't even at level like all of the forth grade questions I haven't even heard. More like high school questions to me! Who wants to be a millionaire? One question wrong your off the show! Even some of those questions are bogus I don't watch it that much but one question was what crayon is not in the 120 set of crayons of course I know but to a Forty-two year-old guy who is a computer programer how would he know? Then there are other ones like whammy!, Family Feud, and lingo which are decent but the WROST game show is definitely "You Don't Know Jack" The host totally makes you look stupid. I played online this morning he is so rude!!!! One question wrong he calls you something like an idiot or retard or moran or something else like dumb or stupid. You know just because you get one wrong it may not be your best subject it doesn't mean your an idiot. I saw this game show on a TV show called "Risk It All" and you say like your opinion and He'll be like Who Cares? or Your a freak! TIP: If you want fast cash just try for the lottery unless If you MUST be on a game show try these:
Wheel Of Fortune
Deal Or No Deal
Double Dare
Family Feud
Go on any other game show if you want to be totally embarrassed Good Luck!
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kim said...

I agree with you about the guy from "You Don't Know Jack"---

Perhaps you should just stick to board games for awhile? Hmmm?