Monday, May 28, 2007

Buffet Bear?

Humans are supposed to be 85% smarter then most animals. This includes manners, looks, intelligence,and behavior. (Rules don't apply if you are six or under) Now for most people this is true unless they have a mental or physical disability. There is one place you can go where animals are more sophisticated and polite then us. Everyone has been there. There is one word for this BUFFET we go there and we eat like slobs auk maybe not but we must admit that we do or are tempted to eat a lot. In our attempts to do this we always make stains, spill something, or make some Neanderthalish mistakes. Hey don't be ashamed... WERE AMERICANS AND WERE PROUD!!!! or at least I am. Now don't take it me being mean. In fact my family and I are family are buffet addicts. Oh speaking of addicts if you smoke and your and addict then give up and become a buffet addict. Not that I am one but that sounds like something cool to be addicted to, buffet that is. Buffet warning: Use at own risk! So next time you go to a buffet try not to pig out see what happens I am not recommending this I just want you to see that it is impossible to NOT pig out at buffets. It's true if you don't believe me try it yourself but you could get severely injured.


kim said...

Double dipping at buffets is a big no-no.

Unca George said...

Triple dipping at buffets is acceptable, however

Anonymous said...

What is all this negative talk about Buffet. I have every CD he ever made and I love them all, especially Margaret T. Ville.

Anonymous said...

Dear mel (it's sheb)
this is a good post. buffets are interesting on many levels, and I agree with you regrading using restraint while attending them.

However the top paragraph of your post indicates that humans are somehow superior to other species based on looks, manners and behaviors. These are cultural constructs that we have created for ourselves, and I think it would be unwise to use them as tools of judgement. For instance, when a bear, hungry in the summer, scoops his/her paw into an icy Alaskan tributary and pulls out a fresh salmon, the eats it alive- are these truly bad manners? We ourselves have to fish for the salmon with hooks and strings, gut the fish and then cook it before we can apply the fork and knife oh so delicately to our plate.
I think that we need to differentiate behaviors within the million of species we live with on the planet, and not assume that just because we are human, we know what's best.

Also, while you are one of the cutest girls I know, chances are a corn snake would not find you so cute. And that's ok. Let the corn snake find another corn snake and leave you to us!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Sol, If BUFFET is Chinese BUFFET, then i can eat for FO HOUR PREASE. This Uncle from the 'CUSE, loves Chinese BUFFET !!
Good Job Mel !!

Anonymous said...

Miss Mel,
Given your fascination with buffet's, you must convince your Mom or dad to take you out to Las Vegas where you can buffet yourself to your little hearts content and barely make a dent in your Piggy Bank! Go for it Girl! You Rule!
(Unc Mark)

Bubs said...

I second the Las Vegas idea. The buffets there are truly amazing.

The Girl said...

everyone loves buffets thanks for your thoughts!

Humphrey Book Club said...

Vegas buffets are amazing Mel! You need to wear pants that are 80 sizes to big because you eat too much. My mom and I love them! We should go to a buffet some time and have an ice cream eating contest!