Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ads.. Your daydream in reality

Your in a totally boring lecture about manure. You don't need to know this stuff. You drift off into a daydream. Later, you leave and go grab a coke. Now there is an advertisement on the bottle. Most of us think ads are just a way to interrupt our TV shows or newspaper reading. But if you ever go beyond. The ad then you would know that they our also the parallel universe. A.K.A the perfect world. There is no inconvenience. Just perfectness. Like when a target commercial comes on no one is ever sick or depressed. They are always so preppy and happy. And jumpy. Like a daydream no troubles just happies. As if you were in a cloud full of daydream. They are like your daydream being re-made. They are your day dream in reality! \

Mood: Content
Location: Home Sweet Chicago!
Music: Fergie

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kim said...

I agree, I always wish I was one of those Target Models in nice fitting pants, just floating through the air with products around them. This is how I envision Heaven.

(hee hee).