Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Write it down or else your paycheck will go down!

Journals. Calendars. To-Do notes. Adress Books BLOGS theese are just a few of the things we do to keep track of ourselves. No every New years. We get a new calendar and a popular resolution is, " I plan to write stuff down and be planned in advanced. Now we say that but do we do it? Not a lot of us. Okay so you have a power point presentation for your boss his boss and a bunch of other important people. If this goes well, Boss is happy. Boss is happy you get promotion. You get promotion you get money. You get more money you get happy so pretty much if your boss is happy your happy :) If this goes bad boss is mad. Boss is mad boss lowers paycheck. Boss lowers paycheck you get mad ):( So also if boss gets mad you get ,mad too. Now A few things could happen A you don't write it down you forget, B you write it down you forgot where you wrote it. ZOr you wrote it down your boss is impressed congrats you get a promotion! Now I suppose I am being hypocritical because I never write anything down ever! But if you look at it my way I use a quote " The mind Is Like a computer it stores files and you never have to empty anything off the hard drive" My favorite actress Shadia Simmons. Also blogs and journals. If your like me you start a journal or blog saying you will updater it frequently. But one writing and you forget four months you find it under the bed next to your socks. You write you keep forgetting. THE END! that was the story on blogs for awhile but now I am a blog addict! Look the point is if you need to write stuff down then do it unless you want to end up like that poor sap in the picture! Keep it somewhere you can remember it, Point dexter


kim said...

I had to quick write down to comment on this post or I would forget.

Girl, you are absolutely right. Nothing is worse than getting off a phone conference and having your boss ask you to recap something, but I didn't write it down.

Always write it down.

Unca George said...

I don't write anything down. I want no evidence that I was there or someone will come back and said I did something and I can just say I wasn't there.

kim said...

Uncle George doesn't write it down because he never learned how to write. This is also a man who attached a review mirror to his computer so he could see his boss coming.

Listen to him with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

My Grandaughter Is so smart she gets some of her smarts from me.I would talk to her when she was an infant and it works. G