Thursday, May 17, 2007

Slang Game

Like oh my gosh! This blog post is gonna be so radical! these words in bold are called slang words. Cool, yo, nice, whack and many more are slang Now as you know slang words are not in the dictionary. Sometimes they are but not usually. Now my teacher is discouraging all the slang words. Now words like Yo, waz up, radical, tripp'n, etc.,etc. I can understand I mean its school not summer camp,unfortunately. But words like, awesome WHICH IS IN THE DICTIONARY! NEAT uptight especially. Now I once read this book called "Frindle" about a boy who makes up a new word for pen then it spreads across the entire school ,then the city,then the state, then the region, then the country! Now there is one word that is supposedly slang but we all use it even you guys most likely, the word is COOL not in the dictionary but everybody uses it even adults, old ladies,old men,tikes,toddlers, teenagers, CHILDREN! Cool should be in the dictionary. The moral here is " Just cause' it ain't in the dictionary don't mean you can't use it! Purposely speaking.

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