Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brown Blood: The story of making a cake

We have all been there.. picture this a three four five or six year-old girl sitting down drawing then you say; " Were going out for ice cream!' or " Were going to make cookies" a huge grin spreads across their face. You would have the same reaction if you were to tell bush he has to blow up Guatimala,Cuba, and Iran. Now if the same girl had a three scoops of melted ice cream one her hands she would go crazy and start licking her hands. Now if it was a thirty-nine year old she would wash it all off. That was the story making a cake with my mom for Mr. Yen's birthday. Cake making isn't as easy as it looks you try putting two and a half stick of butter and a bunch of powder into one bowl just for frosting I would rather spend $1.50 on real frosting.It's harder then it looks trust me. If you don't believe me you try making a double-decker choclate cake (you might as well be dead after making a cake!)


kim said...


First of all, it wasn't better, it was soy margarine.

You are correct that it is a mess, but that is what you do for the people you love.

And, I think I was the one with my hands a mess....not you.....

Cute post, though!

Johnny Yen said...

And just to point out, frosting that you make is real frosting-- not the ones you get from a can.

It's going to be delicious, I'm sure! It'll be a treat to have some cake.