Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Days... Deadlines?

Days. Day after day we live lives. Now days are kind of strange. You get up each and every morning and live life over and over again you do something different every day but by bed time it doesn't matter because the next day is a different day stay with me on this they say there are seven days of the week. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,and Sunday. Now if each day is different then what is the point of naming the days? Days are deadlines that is the whole point of naming the days. And there are way more days the number of days doesn't stop at seven there is like 300,000,000 that we haven't named yet. There is also no point of months it's like taking three people and saying, " Okay sally you have blue eyes so your going to have thirty days in your month." Bob you have long legs so your going to have thirty-one days in your month. Ryan your the shortest so your only going to have twenty-eight days in your month. You can't just clump a bunch of days together and say this is a day,this is a year this is a decade. That is just wrong. In my opinion. And time isn't real either you just live your life.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Why? Why is the sky blue? Why do we love internet? Why does the good guy always win? Why does George Gershwin only play the piano? Why is the grass green? Why am I here? Why did the they create the oboe? Why does hat rhyme with cat? Why am I good at massages? Why do you blog? Why do I blog? Why am I asking all these questions? Why is there no exact meaning of life? Why did they cancel Murphy brown? Why are vegetables so yucky? Why does everyone ask the question why? Why are what ifs so nerve wrecking? Why does everyone eat cheese? Why is 9/11 called 9/11? Why do i care? Why do you care? Why am I still asking why? Why are you still reading this post? Why can I bend my fingers into weird shapes? Why is food fun to play with? Why are identical twins identical? Why does everyone get annoyed by me asking why? Why? Why? Why?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Hair Scare

Hair colors. Pepole say the color of your hair tells alot about you. If your a red head your a natural devil if your blonde your dumb (I don't think all blondes are dumb) If you have black hair your supposed to be obideint and respectful. If you have brown or brunette hair you are mysteriuos. This makes snse for example take Lindsay Lohan she is a natural red head and lately it seems she is a devil.

Blondes are kind of dumb but anyone related to me or is my friend or eads my blog is not dumb. But I do think Paris Hilton is a litttle dumb. Considering she is who she is. I also think jessica simpson is a little dumb. But that is just my true opinion. Blondes have more fun though so that is something good. I do think blondes have fun but they don't have all the fun. Blondes are also pretty. Not that everyone else isn't they just happen to have the particular looks.

Black hair. Obideient respectful. Kind of quiet but still popular with friends and is very smart usaully. Black hair is interesting.

Brown hair is mysterious. True.

Grey hair.A sign your getting old and that you are reaching your mid-life crisis. Grey hair has a name you usaully grey hair is namded after an annoyance of yours. Unless your just trying to make someone mad. My step-dad Brian named all his rey hairs kim. I named mine and so did all of the smart pepole in the world. a popular name is Gerge Bush. He is the most annoying person in the us. That is what my hair looks like.

But the most important thing to remember is hair is just a bunch of dead cells that grow on the top of your head. So if you restyle it it put it in a pony tail or dye it you are just playing with dead cells. Yet we love styling it anyway.

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