Friday, February 20, 2009


Friday night, there are a few ways to go. Some people think Friday night is the night to go to bed early, after a long week at work, or school. Others go out to the movies, or to a school dance, or maybe out to dinner. Ever since I got my ROCKBAND® video game for christmas, almost every Friday or Saturday night I have a few of my best friends over and we just sit there for hours, jammin' out. I see my friends almost every weekend, and as long as we are at my house, we get out the ROCKBAND® and drag a chair into the living room, one of us sits down to hit the little rubber drums with a fake wooden stick. The other plays guitar and presses the plastic buttons, and the other sings. Last night, I had 3 of my best friends over, and we started playing, but then we got all of our parents to play. so it ended with my living room being filled with 10 people, all singing and playing instruments. I have gotten almost all 13 of my friends and family to play ROCKBAND® life is good :)