Saturday, June 30, 2007


Your in your work office. Your boss walks in says Hey your fired you had been doing a good job you hadn't seen it coming this is what we call unpredictable. Unpredictable can be good and bad if it is one of your personality traits this can be used at your advantage.
For example People could tell you more things because they wouldn't know how you would react that is if they were risk takers. Also this can turn down some things because not everyone is a risk taker. So you might be not told as many things because people are afraid about how you would react. This blog relates to my post surprises Another sort of unpredictable thing is the weather by the way, if you have an option of the zoo or the beach look at the sky first otherwise you will have to run from the beach to zoo in the rain wait under a umbrella like thingy ma-jig and wait over an hour for your bus. Yes that happened to me!!! You really wan to be careful about how unpredictable things are. Thankfully, not everything is unpredictable. In fact most good things in life are predictable who you marry your job your school. Your child's name where you live good guy or bad guy the choices are all yours. The things like if hitler was ever found whether the future if aliens actually exist remain unwritten and therefore unpredictable. This is my \last post for a while I am going on a out of on a out of state vacation so keep reading the other clearly not better then mine blogs not too brag.
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P.S if that snowstorm were to happen today that is an awesome example of unpredictable

Friday, June 22, 2007

React quick! This blog post is all about reactions so what are you waiting for? React.Now.Quick

If I just popped out of the computer right now and slapped you in the face.... how would you react? It's funny, how people react to different things, if you don't have a huge imagination and you don't think about everything, you might be super surprised and might go into a daze and totally forget I just hit you. You might forget the surprise and act like I was already here and be mad I hit you. Or if you have good reflexes chances are, you would slap me back. Or if you have never met me or I haven't seen you for a long time you might just be delighted by the fact I am there. Or there is another possibility that you think things out and you are a big computer guy/gal and be amazed by the fact that in all your years of research you never knew that popping out of a computer was possible... which is not yet possible so don't get your hopes up computer dudes. There are many other reactions but I am making a vow not to type them because I would be up till midnight and I can't stay up that late.. point is it is funny how different people react to different things if I walked up to someone and greeted them they could be real happy cause' they like me. Or real made cause' they despise them. or confused because I could be a complete stranger to them. Reactions also have alot to do with reflexes. If your reflexes are good and fast you would react quickly. If not you think things out more you follow the golden rule parents give their kids as teenagers, "Think before you act" I did this thing once,I was walking by and I bumped into a girl by accident apologized..five steps later she's all like Hey you watch where you going! True story. Think before you react it helps.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Look in the window what do you see?

Has anyone ever told you to look in the mirror and say what you say. Well quit looking!! And go outside and look on saturday I went down town to have a day out with my mom and if I saw anything I saw everything! I saw a GIGANTIC jewel shopping cart. It was twenty thousand times the size of your regular shopping cart That is Big! Enough for a years supply of grocery supplies! Now we can buy the deluxe can of mayo.

My mom saw Jeff Daniel driving a van how crazy is that?! I mean they say if an actor is good at a role he plays he's had experience with it before. Jeff proves this quote from his role in the hit movie RV Here is his van If you don't believe me, ask asunny thought
I also saw and met The fifth best scrabble player in Illinois and the twentieth best player in North America cool right? We played a scrabble game together along with some others. The guy in the red shirt is him he was nice gave me some good tips me being A Scrabble addict. Oh and I also saw a sail boat with twelve sails.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Compassion for Fashion

Summer is here. And we all make mistakes in the summer. Now in the summer the most popular thing is fashion ok maybe not the most popular but it is definitely in the handfuls. That is a common mistake yeah that's right. They are no all comfortable let's say you want a pair of flip-flops to " Fit In" well one they are NOT always comfortable. And this is coming from a fashionista not too brag. And they don't look great on everybody. But that is just my opinion. Spaggeti straps. Comfortable enough but if your thirty or over wearing them without anything over them that is wrong no offense. It's just my opinion. A good strategy for summer clothing that I like to use is comfortable and cute if you don't care much about what you wear then just make it very comfortable. And it is summer so don't wear high heeled boots even if they are trendy many know this but I am just giving fashion tips. But for those of you who want to be trendy here are the hot and new trends.
Flip Flops
Bejeweled Jeans
Tanks especially spegetti strap


And for those of you who want to be comfortable use common sense
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Clay Figures Best Art evur!

We all know animation. But a personal interest of mine is Clay figures such as..

Mr.Bill - Mr.Bill is this little guy who is always getting his hopes up then mean slugo crushes them and poor Mr.Bill's dog and he always says the famous catch phrase "Oh no, Mr. Bill!"

Bob The Builder - Yes he's a little kids character but he has great claymation bob the builder we can't do it no we can't Famous catch phrase- "We can do it, yes we can!"

Rudolph- Yes the holidays are over but Rudolph is worth getting out for one of the best clay figures of all time catch phrase this animal has no catch phrase. but a very appealing trait he has a red nose!

These and only these are the best clay figures of all time on television/movies.
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Money Mayhap

Money. We all somehow love it but if you have thought about it it's not money it's stuff we get money and we automatically trade it in for stuff such as toys,games, food,beds,houses useless things. And you know the old saying " money isn't everything" Well other then love it is Get real! Think about it out of all the little hobos we have in the world without money we would be a hobo. Money is a lot here is a graph

As you can see by the graph money is a lot! I am just saying so. We live on money everything around you is money I am not a money addict got to go.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reality, So sad

Okay now we all have different shows we watch on TV. Usually they are soap operas, cartoons, 80's,70's, and or 90's, Or the big one, Reality Shows it is a scientific fact that no spider web or person is the same. Well, true but in the wonderful world of reality TV that's just a pipe dream. If anyone has ever heard or American Idol then you may know what I am talking about, every month comes the same TV show but with a different contract.

American Idol,singing contest for a record deal, Dirty dancing same different contract, America's next top model same different contract, then there is this one about being a hair stylist, then this new one On the lot it's about making these one minute movies and if there good you stay on again and if you win you win a million dollars to direct and produce a movie. Interesting really. They are missing one it should be called " American copy cat" where whoever has the best reality show gets to be canceled off the air.

When I was younger I watched this show called " All That" Saturday night live for kids pretty much. And they had a short called American idiot that is the best reality show I have ever seen.
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