Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Look in the window what do you see?

Has anyone ever told you to look in the mirror and say what you say. Well quit looking!! And go outside and look on saturday I went down town to have a day out with my mom and if I saw anything I saw everything! I saw a GIGANTIC jewel shopping cart. It was twenty thousand times the size of your regular shopping cart That is Big! Enough for a years supply of grocery supplies! Now we can buy the deluxe can of mayo.

My mom saw Jeff Daniel driving a van how crazy is that?! I mean they say if an actor is good at a role he plays he's had experience with it before. Jeff proves this quote from his role in the hit movie RV Here is his van If you don't believe me, ask asunny thought
I also saw and met The fifth best scrabble player in Illinois and the twentieth best player in North America cool right? We played a scrabble game together along with some others. The guy in the red shirt is him he was nice gave me some good tips me being A Scrabble addict. Oh and I also saw a sail boat with twelve sails.
Mood: Nice
Playlist: TV
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mel what a day you had. Living in Chicago ia wonderful wish I was there.sine I am not I will have to depend on thie sharp girl who I am proud to call my grandaughter to keep me Up on all the fun things you do. Love G

kim said...

mingusThat was a great day for us, wasn't it?

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