Friday, June 22, 2007

React quick! This blog post is all about reactions so what are you waiting for? React.Now.Quick

If I just popped out of the computer right now and slapped you in the face.... how would you react? It's funny, how people react to different things, if you don't have a huge imagination and you don't think about everything, you might be super surprised and might go into a daze and totally forget I just hit you. You might forget the surprise and act like I was already here and be mad I hit you. Or if you have good reflexes chances are, you would slap me back. Or if you have never met me or I haven't seen you for a long time you might just be delighted by the fact I am there. Or there is another possibility that you think things out and you are a big computer guy/gal and be amazed by the fact that in all your years of research you never knew that popping out of a computer was possible... which is not yet possible so don't get your hopes up computer dudes. There are many other reactions but I am making a vow not to type them because I would be up till midnight and I can't stay up that late.. point is it is funny how different people react to different things if I walked up to someone and greeted them they could be real happy cause' they like me. Or real made cause' they despise them. or confused because I could be a complete stranger to them. Reactions also have alot to do with reflexes. If your reflexes are good and fast you would react quickly. If not you think things out more you follow the golden rule parents give their kids as teenagers, "Think before you act" I did this thing once,I was walking by and I bumped into a girl by accident apologized..five steps later she's all like Hey you watch where you going! True story. Think before you react it helps.
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kim said...

Reacting is very strange.
If I am in the car and I need to swerve to miss something, I am good at that.

I usually react calmly and then I fall apart later. I have good reflex reactions but then bad slow emotional reactions.

Good post Mel.