Sunday, June 10, 2007

Clay Figures Best Art evur!

We all know animation. But a personal interest of mine is Clay figures such as..

Mr.Bill - Mr.Bill is this little guy who is always getting his hopes up then mean slugo crushes them and poor Mr.Bill's dog and he always says the famous catch phrase "Oh no, Mr. Bill!"

Bob The Builder - Yes he's a little kids character but he has great claymation bob the builder we can't do it no we can't Famous catch phrase- "We can do it, yes we can!"

Rudolph- Yes the holidays are over but Rudolph is worth getting out for one of the best clay figures of all time catch phrase this animal has no catch phrase. but a very appealing trait he has a red nose!

These and only these are the best clay figures of all time on television/movies.
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kim said...


I had a little Mr. Bill figure than an ex-boyfriend gave to me, we had it for a long time, but I think we lost it.

I don't get Bob the soon as you were done with those shows, I stopped paying attention.

Rudolph is the best. Recently on Ebay they were auctioning off the original characters.
Good Post.