Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reality, So sad

Okay now we all have different shows we watch on TV. Usually they are soap operas, cartoons, 80's,70's, and or 90's, Or the big one, Reality Shows it is a scientific fact that no spider web or person is the same. Well, true but in the wonderful world of reality TV that's just a pipe dream. If anyone has ever heard or American Idol then you may know what I am talking about, every month comes the same TV show but with a different contract.

American Idol,singing contest for a record deal, Dirty dancing same different contract, America's next top model same different contract, then there is this one about being a hair stylist, then this new one On the lot it's about making these one minute movies and if there good you stay on again and if you win you win a million dollars to direct and produce a movie. Interesting really. They are missing one it should be called " American copy cat" where whoever has the best reality show gets to be canceled off the air.

When I was younger I watched this show called " All That" Saturday night live for kids pretty much. And they had a short called American idiot that is the best reality show I have ever seen.
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kim said...

That's consumerism Mel. As we discussed, it's all about product.

Good for you for being able to recognize that.