Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Life, May Not Be Shear Genius But It's The Next Best Thing :)

I was inspired to do one more post before vacation. Well, usually I am not one for reality TV but I have been watching Shear Genius every Wednesday. I like the show and it started in the beginning on summer. Every Wednesday I would sit down and watch it. In between these Wednesdays things would happen. Little events like sleep overs, and swimming, and vacations. All the events that happened between 9 o'clock on Wednesdays all make up one big thing. My summer. And all the summers make up one other thing, my life. Or at least one fourth of my life. I said all last winter that this summer would be the "Best Summer Of My Life" Looking back, I think it is. My mom said to count memorial day as summer. Doing so I've figured out that this summer I've

1. Gone To Minnesota
2. Went To Florida.
3. Went To Wisconsin Dells.
4. Going To Wisconsin, Door County
5. Got into gifted program at my school.
6. Summer Camp
7. Done 11 miles on my bike in one sitting.
8. Time of my life.
9. Other Stuff

In my opinion not a bad summer. Actually pretty good summer. After my trip, (Which I want to go very slowly) I can't say I exactly want to go back to school but when I do, fall will come. This means my birthday, christmas, halloween, and most of my friend and some family's birthday. And eventually new years will get here. I don't want to rush it though. i just want to enjoy life. Let it take it's time. I suggest whoever is reading this do so too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Rolls Over And Out

As summer comes to an end, I realize something. A year from now, I'll be blogging about he same thing but this time I will be a sixth grade graduate, I'll be a year older, about ten more vacations will go by. And I'll have my christmas presents. not bad for a summer. Well now I am going to try a top ten, top five random things.
1. Lately I've been going on to Youtube looking up old commercials, and I like to watch them with my friends. I was inspired when I got a slinky a few weeks ago. By the way Metal will last longer! I like the following commercials best:
A. The 1970's slinky commercial
B. The scary Big Jim Sports Camper commercial.

2. Top five blog posts of the weeks are in!

1. Barista Brat with Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Tuesday, August 19th.
2. Johnny Yen with Ready to Rock And Roll! Thursday, August 21st.
3. A Sunny Thought with The Hilary Post Wednesday, August 27th.
4. Land-O-LuLu with A Johnny Yen Moment Saturday, August 23rd
5. Sprawling Ramshackle Compound for Posting again Tuesday, August 26th

3. I'm starting a new feture on my blog called, "Coolest Song Of The Week" every week I choose a song I like, (It's not all Hannah Montana) and I post it on my blog.
My step-dad showed me this song, I love it!

4. Last night I watched Hilary make her speech. I can see why so many people (This means you Uncle Gordon!) love her, she is a great leader and role model. She supports children health care, she supports women's rights, and most importantly she thinks that children are able to live up to their potential. :) I wish she was still on the ballot, and I wish she was teamed up with Obama. But she's not. Also another cool thing is, she wants to kick Mcain's butt!

5. My Aunt Colleen lost her brother Charlie a few days ago. I don't think I ever met him. But he sounds like a nice guy, and now he is up in heaven with the other nice guys in our family. Aunt Colleeen- I am sorry for you're loss, but now he doesn't have to deal with cancer anymore, he can be happier and pain free, and he is watching over you and he loves you.

Well, my first random 5 not bad. I am taking a break from blogging for a few days, (Going on vacation) so I'll blog on Monday, only a weeks away. Unless they have computer there, it's only a while away.

Mood: Happy
Playlist: My Thoughts
Location: Home, with the things I am packing for vacation.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally Getting Around

There are things people want you to blog about, and you say yyou will but you never do. For example, my step-brother Adam had a massive coin collection, and keeps bugging my mom to blog about it but she never does. He stopped bugging her and now she'll never blog about it. So now I have decided to take another load off my mom's sholders, and super random gal saves the day!

My step-brother Adam has a massive coin collection. It's cool, and the coins come from everywhere China, Canada, Argentina (maybe) But if he wants to let the world know, he should stop worrying about his reputation and actually blog about it. There I blogged about it. (Are you happy now?)

With this summer going by, I feel strange. I spend 3 weeks in Florida, (A little too long.) I come home there is reunion, camp, and now I sit here in my chair just thinking about what I'm going to do today. Life really is too short, and I have ben watching it move, from living it, to reading blog posts, and listening to compliments about how I've grown, and from just observing everybody. It feels like 2006 just ended a few weeks ago.

I know for a fact, in 3 weeks I'll be sitting in this office chair, Typing on the same mac mini, staring at the same key board, and blogginng about how great my school year is, and some other random stuff.

Yes, I know I am a drama queen.

Mood: Happy, Busy
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Location: Last few weeks of summer, home

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing For Money, Junk For Free

Money, A.K.A Food, Shelter, Gas, Child Support, Entertainment, Gas, Water, And Electricity. Online, not everythin g is free. Like you have to pay for the better email. Or the better blog. Or the better membership. Kind of stupid because, it's Real Money, For Virtual Stuff Yahoo email, for a more creative email adress, $35 a year. Not exactly pricey, but not worth it for what i could be spending. Club Penguin, (Weird Disney Chat Room Thing) $60 a year, just to be able to have more than others. (Clothes and Stuff) Money can go towards way better things, plus you can get pens and stuff for free. AND THEY ARE REAL!!!
In other news, summer is ending for me. Z Evil Dictator (My Step Brother) is already in school. So, I am happy just for 13 more days. I go on one more vacation soon, back to Wisconsin again. It's going to be fun, I mean like it's almost like a camping trip. Horse back riding, hiking, buying stuff. It's called Door County. 13 days, summer went to fast. But the sooner fall comes, the sooner my birthday comes, the sooner halloween comes, and christmas, and New Years.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Get Around

Last three weeks of summer, never my favorite three weeks. It's the time when all the extra popsicles start to melt, and everyone gets ready to go on last minute trips. When the camps end, and the kids are free. When work stays the same, and most of all when you start to think about all that life is worth. For me, the last three weeks of summer have always been finish camp, go back to visit family in Minnesota, and of course make plans with my friends. I always go to do my dreaded back to school shopping. These three weeks have been different, because for me camp ended in the beginning of August. So really, I have had the extra few weeks. Mostly it's been about seeing my friends, getting together with my friends, and hanging out with my dad and step dad. While my mom and step mom go to work, and come back swamped. Sometimes they aren't swamped though, sometimes they actually look like they feel pretty good. Some advice for writers out there, "You can never write something that will make everybody happy, so just say it, and write it it like it is" Kind of scary how fast the year went by. Feels like I just did the first post of the year.

Mood: Curious
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Location: Home with my last three weeks of summer.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

There's A New King In Town!

In my opinion we should make an effort to honor the little guys who don't have all the luck. The man we are honoring today is, Eric Voilette.

Voilette is 26 years old. He plays guitar, and he acts. He is French Canadian. He can do martial arts too. I know he sounds like a nobody but, he is the one who lipsyncs to catchy tunes. He is the one who acts like he works in a sea food resturaunt, he married his dream girl but they live in her parent's appartment. He got a piece of junk for a car, so now he is riding a bike everywhere. But the best thing he does, is annoy the heck out of my mom. If you havent guessesd yet, he is FREE CREDIT REPORT GUY!

He is going to be the first ever Man Of The Month ! Along with this there is also the, Man Of The Month Alternative this would be the dead man of the month. The alternnative man of the month, is Bernie Mac.

Bernie Mac just died today of phemonia. Sadly, he was only 50 at the time this happened. He was born in 1957, in Chicago, IL. According to Mac, he was abused as a child. (They would whip him) At 32, Mac began acting, in movies like "Ocean's Eleven", "Bad Santa", and more recently, "Transformers" You are proably also aware that he has his own show "Bernie Mac" it is called.

Bernie is the alternative man of the month because, I like him. In Memorial for Bernie Mac.

Friday, August 08, 2008

You might as well face it you're addicted to something!

Everyone is addicted to something. Seriously, even if you are the most boring person who does the same routine everyday, then you are addicted to routine. We all know common addictions, such as drinking and nicotine. (Both not so good) Then there are food addictions, I know its not a food but I am addicted to gum. Sugarfree gum that is, sugar gum looses it flavor in five minutes or so. Aparently if you chew more then two pieces a day you're teeth fall out. Yet another lie told by my darling mother. (MOM: Please Note I Have Things To Share With People If You Lie...) Addictions, there are Annoying addictions, (Like snapping bubble wrap all day in front of people) Gross addictions, (Like chewing with ou're mouth open, nose picking) Weird addictions, (Poking everyone you see) Common addictions, (Smoking) and a bunch of other addictions. It is a long list, they sasy if you go three weeks without doing you're addiction you stop. It might be thrue with smaller addictions such as chewing with the mouth open, but for nictoine you need help.

Mood: Happiness
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Monday, August 04, 2008

Peace Out!

I was thinking yesterday about peace. There is never going to be peace all around the world. This would mean, no one ever dying, no diseases, no guns, no one making noises at 3 a.m. But to me peace isn't all of that stuff, it's no war and no fighting for stupid reasons. If guns we're banned from the world, and war was permanetly over, and people didn't get into fist fights just becasue someone bumps into them then that it would be peace enough. Think about it, as I type 100 soilders are killed in the war. 100 families cry, 100 people find out what happens after life. If guns weren't around then people wouldn't have to short circuit their lives. And if war was gone then our world would be a lot happier of a place.
And, the reunion went well mainly it could have been just a weekend with the family. Mostly what i did was go around the hotel knock on people's doors, go in have some kind of drink, and then talk and leave. In beetween changing rooms, we would swim, go out to eat, and party it up every night; My kind of weekend. We didn't go to the water park as we thought we would, we hung out with family, which was way more fun anyway. And we went down the little four inch baby slides. (We had a lot of fun with Baby Ruth bars, and brownies ;) Good time.