Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Rolls Over And Out

As summer comes to an end, I realize something. A year from now, I'll be blogging about he same thing but this time I will be a sixth grade graduate, I'll be a year older, about ten more vacations will go by. And I'll have my christmas presents. not bad for a summer. Well now I am going to try a top ten, top five random things.
1. Lately I've been going on to Youtube looking up old commercials, and I like to watch them with my friends. I was inspired when I got a slinky a few weeks ago. By the way Metal will last longer! I like the following commercials best:
A. The 1970's slinky commercial
B. The scary Big Jim Sports Camper commercial.

2. Top five blog posts of the weeks are in!

1. Barista Brat with Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Tuesday, August 19th.
2. Johnny Yen with Ready to Rock And Roll! Thursday, August 21st.
3. A Sunny Thought with The Hilary Post Wednesday, August 27th.
4. Land-O-LuLu with A Johnny Yen Moment Saturday, August 23rd
5. Sprawling Ramshackle Compound for Posting again Tuesday, August 26th

3. I'm starting a new feture on my blog called, "Coolest Song Of The Week" every week I choose a song I like, (It's not all Hannah Montana) and I post it on my blog.
My step-dad showed me this song, I love it!

4. Last night I watched Hilary make her speech. I can see why so many people (This means you Uncle Gordon!) love her, she is a great leader and role model. She supports children health care, she supports women's rights, and most importantly she thinks that children are able to live up to their potential. :) I wish she was still on the ballot, and I wish she was teamed up with Obama. But she's not. Also another cool thing is, she wants to kick Mcain's butt!

5. My Aunt Colleen lost her brother Charlie a few days ago. I don't think I ever met him. But he sounds like a nice guy, and now he is up in heaven with the other nice guys in our family. Aunt Colleeen- I am sorry for you're loss, but now he doesn't have to deal with cancer anymore, he can be happier and pain free, and he is watching over you and he loves you.

Well, my first random 5 not bad. I am taking a break from blogging for a few days, (Going on vacation) so I'll blog on Monday, only a weeks away. Unless they have computer there, it's only a while away.

Mood: Happy
Playlist: My Thoughts
Location: Home, with the things I am packing for vacation.

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