Saturday, August 09, 2008

There's A New King In Town!

In my opinion we should make an effort to honor the little guys who don't have all the luck. The man we are honoring today is, Eric Voilette.

Voilette is 26 years old. He plays guitar, and he acts. He is French Canadian. He can do martial arts too. I know he sounds like a nobody but, he is the one who lipsyncs to catchy tunes. He is the one who acts like he works in a sea food resturaunt, he married his dream girl but they live in her parent's appartment. He got a piece of junk for a car, so now he is riding a bike everywhere. But the best thing he does, is annoy the heck out of my mom. If you havent guessesd yet, he is FREE CREDIT REPORT GUY!

He is going to be the first ever Man Of The Month ! Along with this there is also the, Man Of The Month Alternative this would be the dead man of the month. The alternnative man of the month, is Bernie Mac.

Bernie Mac just died today of phemonia. Sadly, he was only 50 at the time this happened. He was born in 1957, in Chicago, IL. According to Mac, he was abused as a child. (They would whip him) At 32, Mac began acting, in movies like "Ocean's Eleven", "Bad Santa", and more recently, "Transformers" You are proably also aware that he has his own show "Bernie Mac" it is called.

Bernie is the alternative man of the month because, I like him. In Memorial for Bernie Mac.


Anonymous said...

I Loved Bernie Mzc and his humor. I will say a prayer for his family tonight, Love Gram

randomgal said...

Gram- I love him too, but at least he was 50 and not 25.

kim said...

Of course you wrote about the free credit report guy....
I think it's time for you to go back to school.

randomgal said...

Kim- If I go back now, who will be able to annoy you at work?