Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally Getting Around

There are things people want you to blog about, and you say yyou will but you never do. For example, my step-brother Adam had a massive coin collection, and keeps bugging my mom to blog about it but she never does. He stopped bugging her and now she'll never blog about it. So now I have decided to take another load off my mom's sholders, and super random gal saves the day!

My step-brother Adam has a massive coin collection. It's cool, and the coins come from everywhere China, Canada, Argentina (maybe) But if he wants to let the world know, he should stop worrying about his reputation and actually blog about it. There I blogged about it. (Are you happy now?)

With this summer going by, I feel strange. I spend 3 weeks in Florida, (A little too long.) I come home there is reunion, camp, and now I sit here in my chair just thinking about what I'm going to do today. Life really is too short, and I have ben watching it move, from living it, to reading blog posts, and listening to compliments about how I've grown, and from just observing everybody. It feels like 2006 just ended a few weeks ago.

I know for a fact, in 3 weeks I'll be sitting in this office chair, Typing on the same mac mini, staring at the same key board, and blogginng about how great my school year is, and some other random stuff.

Yes, I know I am a drama queen.

Mood: Happy, Busy
Playlist: Just about to put one on
Location: Last few weeks of summer, home

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