Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Life, May Not Be Shear Genius But It's The Next Best Thing :)

I was inspired to do one more post before vacation. Well, usually I am not one for reality TV but I have been watching Shear Genius every Wednesday. I like the show and it started in the beginning on summer. Every Wednesday I would sit down and watch it. In between these Wednesdays things would happen. Little events like sleep overs, and swimming, and vacations. All the events that happened between 9 o'clock on Wednesdays all make up one big thing. My summer. And all the summers make up one other thing, my life. Or at least one fourth of my life. I said all last winter that this summer would be the "Best Summer Of My Life" Looking back, I think it is. My mom said to count memorial day as summer. Doing so I've figured out that this summer I've

1. Gone To Minnesota
2. Went To Florida.
3. Went To Wisconsin Dells.
4. Going To Wisconsin, Door County
5. Got into gifted program at my school.
6. Summer Camp
7. Done 11 miles on my bike in one sitting.
8. Time of my life.
9. Other Stuff

In my opinion not a bad summer. Actually pretty good summer. After my trip, (Which I want to go very slowly) I can't say I exactly want to go back to school but when I do, fall will come. This means my birthday, christmas, halloween, and most of my friend and some family's birthday. And eventually new years will get here. I don't want to rush it though. i just want to enjoy life. Let it take it's time. I suggest whoever is reading this do so too.


santra navas said...

hai....randomgal...i found u from my friends blog

randomgal said...

I like you're blog.