Friday, August 08, 2008

You might as well face it you're addicted to something!

Everyone is addicted to something. Seriously, even if you are the most boring person who does the same routine everyday, then you are addicted to routine. We all know common addictions, such as drinking and nicotine. (Both not so good) Then there are food addictions, I know its not a food but I am addicted to gum. Sugarfree gum that is, sugar gum looses it flavor in five minutes or so. Aparently if you chew more then two pieces a day you're teeth fall out. Yet another lie told by my darling mother. (MOM: Please Note I Have Things To Share With People If You Lie...) Addictions, there are Annoying addictions, (Like snapping bubble wrap all day in front of people) Gross addictions, (Like chewing with ou're mouth open, nose picking) Weird addictions, (Poking everyone you see) Common addictions, (Smoking) and a bunch of other addictions. It is a long list, they sasy if you go three weeks without doing you're addiction you stop. It might be thrue with smaller addictions such as chewing with the mouth open, but for nictoine you need help.

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Irregular Kiki said...

And sometimes you may not even notice you're addicted to it until you pay attention or someone points it out to you. Like if you keep playing with your hair, for instance, most people don't realize they're doing it until someone points it out to them. Or if they're constantly working on their appearance.