Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing For Money, Junk For Free

Money, A.K.A Food, Shelter, Gas, Child Support, Entertainment, Gas, Water, And Electricity. Online, not everythin g is free. Like you have to pay for the better email. Or the better blog. Or the better membership. Kind of stupid because, it's Real Money, For Virtual Stuff Yahoo email, for a more creative email adress, $35 a year. Not exactly pricey, but not worth it for what i could be spending. Club Penguin, (Weird Disney Chat Room Thing) $60 a year, just to be able to have more than others. (Clothes and Stuff) Money can go towards way better things, plus you can get pens and stuff for free. AND THEY ARE REAL!!!
In other news, summer is ending for me. Z Evil Dictator (My Step Brother) is already in school. So, I am happy just for 13 more days. I go on one more vacation soon, back to Wisconsin again. It's going to be fun, I mean like it's almost like a camping trip. Horse back riding, hiking, buying stuff. It's called Door County. 13 days, summer went to fast. But the sooner fall comes, the sooner my birthday comes, the sooner halloween comes, and christmas, and New Years.

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