Monday, May 28, 2007

Buffet Bear?

Humans are supposed to be 85% smarter then most animals. This includes manners, looks, intelligence,and behavior. (Rules don't apply if you are six or under) Now for most people this is true unless they have a mental or physical disability. There is one place you can go where animals are more sophisticated and polite then us. Everyone has been there. There is one word for this BUFFET we go there and we eat like slobs auk maybe not but we must admit that we do or are tempted to eat a lot. In our attempts to do this we always make stains, spill something, or make some Neanderthalish mistakes. Hey don't be ashamed... WERE AMERICANS AND WERE PROUD!!!! or at least I am. Now don't take it me being mean. In fact my family and I are family are buffet addicts. Oh speaking of addicts if you smoke and your and addict then give up and become a buffet addict. Not that I am one but that sounds like something cool to be addicted to, buffet that is. Buffet warning: Use at own risk! So next time you go to a buffet try not to pig out see what happens I am not recommending this I just want you to see that it is impossible to NOT pig out at buffets. It's true if you don't believe me try it yourself but you could get severely injured.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Surprises. Some like them some don't. My step-dad, Brian pointed out to me that everyone likes surprises just not waiting for them to happen. He is right and wrong. Not everyone likes surprises because surprises aren't always good. let's say your birthday present was a trip to hawaii thats a good surprise. Let's say your a kid and you get to stay up an extra-half hour to-see your favorite TV show. That's a medium surprise. Up hand you get to see if Destiny steals dannon away from miranda (the brat) or if mean Miranda gets the guy Danon and poor little Destiny is left behind to suffer from broken heart. on your favorite soap opera " Oh Josh" which is on from nine to ten for the season finale. you usually go to bed at nine thirty but not tonight. Then the next morning you stayed up to late and get a D on your history test then you have to sit threw a long boring lecture ( your ten years old people!) A bad surprise would be your puppy died. So surprises aren't always good. Surprises are thrust upon us every day I think some of us don't realize that a surprise isn't just someone saying " I got a surprise for you!" Oh No! Actually someone telling you that you are going to have a surprise is rare. Usually it happens at work before you leave your boss tells you that you have to do a presentation. You get home your dog/cat puked on the floor. Later you fall out of bed. Bad surprises Or you wake up your honey made you your favorite breakfast. You go to work you get 50$ extra on your paycheck you get home you sleep so comfortably or all that stuff happens. My new posts are surprises. Point is you never know what's going to happen next so you could say surprises are like books but you can't skip ahead.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hobby Bobby

We all have hobbies and they fall into two categories these categories relate to people. Which are Quiet and loud. If you are quiet person you may enjoy knitting. If you are a loud person you may enjoy football. Then you can be both. If you are both you may like something like blogging. Now being quiet or loud isn't just whether your voice is loud or quiet it also goes with your personality. If your loud you may like things with a lot of people. And you may like to take chances your well... Exotic!
If your quiet well then you probably like scrabble and jazz music. And you may be a shop online person. If your both then well you could be everything. But it can be funny what hobbies you have. Back in April my mom taught me a car game where you would look at a car and then look who was inside the car. And you would end up with really funny possibilities. Taker karaoke for example my mom is very mellow and quiet and relaxed most of the time that is, then at Karaoke time she goes wild singing I mean that in a good way :) Brian is loud he is a fun guy and well I guess you could say we all are then in the afternoon, he has a hobby for napping.

For me, you could say I am both. You see during school and sometimes after-school I turn into quiet do my work Melody. That is so not me so after-school I turn into I like to be party Melody. That is the real me. Anyways the point is, "We All Have A Inner Frat Boy/ or Girl " quote from a cartoon. Don't be afraid to do your hobby. Thank you for reading!
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Slang Game

Like oh my gosh! This blog post is gonna be so radical! these words in bold are called slang words. Cool, yo, nice, whack and many more are slang Now as you know slang words are not in the dictionary. Sometimes they are but not usually. Now my teacher is discouraging all the slang words. Now words like Yo, waz up, radical, tripp'n, etc.,etc. I can understand I mean its school not summer camp,unfortunately. But words like, awesome WHICH IS IN THE DICTIONARY! NEAT uptight especially. Now I once read this book called "Frindle" about a boy who makes up a new word for pen then it spreads across the entire school ,then the city,then the state, then the region, then the country! Now there is one word that is supposedly slang but we all use it even you guys most likely, the word is COOL not in the dictionary but everybody uses it even adults, old ladies,old men,tikes,toddlers, teenagers, CHILDREN! Cool should be in the dictionary. The moral here is " Just cause' it ain't in the dictionary don't mean you can't use it! Purposely speaking.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Write it down or else your paycheck will go down!

Journals. Calendars. To-Do notes. Adress Books BLOGS theese are just a few of the things we do to keep track of ourselves. No every New years. We get a new calendar and a popular resolution is, " I plan to write stuff down and be planned in advanced. Now we say that but do we do it? Not a lot of us. Okay so you have a power point presentation for your boss his boss and a bunch of other important people. If this goes well, Boss is happy. Boss is happy you get promotion. You get promotion you get money. You get more money you get happy so pretty much if your boss is happy your happy :) If this goes bad boss is mad. Boss is mad boss lowers paycheck. Boss lowers paycheck you get mad ):( So also if boss gets mad you get ,mad too. Now A few things could happen A you don't write it down you forget, B you write it down you forgot where you wrote it. ZOr you wrote it down your boss is impressed congrats you get a promotion! Now I suppose I am being hypocritical because I never write anything down ever! But if you look at it my way I use a quote " The mind Is Like a computer it stores files and you never have to empty anything off the hard drive" My favorite actress Shadia Simmons. Also blogs and journals. If your like me you start a journal or blog saying you will updater it frequently. But one writing and you forget four months you find it under the bed next to your socks. You write you keep forgetting. THE END! that was the story on blogs for awhile but now I am a blog addict! Look the point is if you need to write stuff down then do it unless you want to end up like that poor sap in the picture! Keep it somewhere you can remember it, Point dexter

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ads.. Your daydream in reality

Your in a totally boring lecture about manure. You don't need to know this stuff. You drift off into a daydream. Later, you leave and go grab a coke. Now there is an advertisement on the bottle. Most of us think ads are just a way to interrupt our TV shows or newspaper reading. But if you ever go beyond. The ad then you would know that they our also the parallel universe. A.K.A the perfect world. There is no inconvenience. Just perfectness. Like when a target commercial comes on no one is ever sick or depressed. They are always so preppy and happy. And jumpy. Like a daydream no troubles just happies. As if you were in a cloud full of daydream. They are like your daydream being re-made. They are your day dream in reality! \

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not too Brag

You have gone to school work anywhere someone has something brand new right? Then they go on and on about how it is so rare and so much better then yours and bla bla bla! there is a word for this it is call d bragging. It is very popular for everyone like lets say you just got a credit card in the mail for FREE! Then you can't just be like "Cool!" and put it in your wallet then go do the laundry heck no! You have to show it off. Which is okay as long as you don't be you braggy. I brag but then I say my famous catch phrase " Not to Brag. " If you have noticed, there is construction going on for the tallest building in the world just to build for twenty years then brag about it because its the tallest building in the world. How stupid!
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brown Blood: The story of making a cake

We have all been there.. picture this a three four five or six year-old girl sitting down drawing then you say; " Were going out for ice cream!' or " Were going to make cookies" a huge grin spreads across their face. You would have the same reaction if you were to tell bush he has to blow up Guatimala,Cuba, and Iran. Now if the same girl had a three scoops of melted ice cream one her hands she would go crazy and start licking her hands. Now if it was a thirty-nine year old she would wash it all off. That was the story making a cake with my mom for Mr. Yen's birthday. Cake making isn't as easy as it looks you try putting two and a half stick of butter and a bunch of powder into one bowl just for frosting I would rather spend $1.50 on real frosting.It's harder then it looks trust me. If you don't believe me you try making a double-decker choclate cake (you might as well be dead after making a cake!)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nothing is Nothing

So have you ever ask somebody " What Ya Doing'?" And they answer nothing? Well many people just walk away then but do they ever think of the word? What does it mean? Nothing is nothing. You see because whenever someone says nothing it is really something like the air is even something. When you think about it Nothing is just a stupid excuse to make you leave someone alone. Because technically nothing is impossible. You are never doing nothing. Ever. Like even if your just sitting your still doing something. And it is also impossible to think nothing even hypnotism doesn't cause you to think nothing. Like if you you have ever been in grade school and gotten in trouble they would probably say something like " We are going to do nothing until..." You may think this is a waste of a post but remember next time someone replies to you with the answer of 'Nothing" then they are either:
1. Hiding something from you
2. Telling you it's not worth anything
3. Or want you to leave them alone.
It's just useful to know because no one ever has the time or puts in the effort to think of such things. So one last thing the only thing the word Nothing is good for is the word it's self. Nothing is nothing. Remember that!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Game Shows... Are We Really smart or are we dumb and the Hosts make us look like chickens are smarter then us.

Well I have had a good deal of game shows this weekend. You know probably some of you guys think game-shows are for desperate people who don't have a life. And if you like your teeth then you will take that comment back! Anyway some of those hosts are nice. Like the dudes on Wheel of fortune or Deal or No Deal. But like that new game show Are you Smarter Then A fifth Grader? With Jeff Foxworthy as the host he makes some wise cracks and not all of them are funny. To the player. Some of those questions aren't even at level like all of the forth grade questions I haven't even heard. More like high school questions to me! Who wants to be a millionaire? One question wrong your off the show! Even some of those questions are bogus I don't watch it that much but one question was what crayon is not in the 120 set of crayons of course I know but to a Forty-two year-old guy who is a computer programer how would he know? Then there are other ones like whammy!, Family Feud, and lingo which are decent but the WROST game show is definitely "You Don't Know Jack" The host totally makes you look stupid. I played online this morning he is so rude!!!! One question wrong he calls you something like an idiot or retard or moran or something else like dumb or stupid. You know just because you get one wrong it may not be your best subject it doesn't mean your an idiot. I saw this game show on a TV show called "Risk It All" and you say like your opinion and He'll be like Who Cares? or Your a freak! TIP: If you want fast cash just try for the lottery unless If you MUST be on a game show try these:
Wheel Of Fortune
Deal Or No Deal
Double Dare
Family Feud
Go on any other game show if you want to be totally embarrassed Good Luck!
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