Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hobby Bobby

We all have hobbies and they fall into two categories these categories relate to people. Which are Quiet and loud. If you are quiet person you may enjoy knitting. If you are a loud person you may enjoy football. Then you can be both. If you are both you may like something like blogging. Now being quiet or loud isn't just whether your voice is loud or quiet it also goes with your personality. If your loud you may like things with a lot of people. And you may like to take chances your well... Exotic!
If your quiet well then you probably like scrabble and jazz music. And you may be a shop online person. If your both then well you could be everything. But it can be funny what hobbies you have. Back in April my mom taught me a car game where you would look at a car and then look who was inside the car. And you would end up with really funny possibilities. Taker karaoke for example my mom is very mellow and quiet and relaxed most of the time that is, then at Karaoke time she goes wild singing I mean that in a good way :) Brian is loud he is a fun guy and well I guess you could say we all are then in the afternoon, he has a hobby for napping.

For me, you could say I am both. You see during school and sometimes after-school I turn into quiet do my work Melody. That is so not me so after-school I turn into I like to be party Melody. That is the real me. Anyways the point is, "We All Have A Inner Frat Boy/ or Girl " quote from a cartoon. Don't be afraid to do your hobby. Thank you for reading!
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SnowmanInTheSun said...

Hey, love the blog. Where did you get that pic?? Did u make it?

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