Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nothing is Nothing

So have you ever ask somebody " What Ya Doing'?" And they answer nothing? Well many people just walk away then but do they ever think of the word? What does it mean? Nothing is nothing. You see because whenever someone says nothing it is really something like the air is even something. When you think about it Nothing is just a stupid excuse to make you leave someone alone. Because technically nothing is impossible. You are never doing nothing. Ever. Like even if your just sitting your still doing something. And it is also impossible to think nothing even hypnotism doesn't cause you to think nothing. Like if you you have ever been in grade school and gotten in trouble they would probably say something like " We are going to do nothing until..." You may think this is a waste of a post but remember next time someone replies to you with the answer of 'Nothing" then they are either:
1. Hiding something from you
2. Telling you it's not worth anything
3. Or want you to leave them alone.
It's just useful to know because no one ever has the time or puts in the effort to think of such things. So one last thing the only thing the word Nothing is good for is the word it's self. Nothing is nothing. Remember that!

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kim said...


I really have nothing to say about this post. You have said it all...which is not nothing.