Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Surprises. Some like them some don't. My step-dad, Brian pointed out to me that everyone likes surprises just not waiting for them to happen. He is right and wrong. Not everyone likes surprises because surprises aren't always good. let's say your birthday present was a trip to hawaii thats a good surprise. Let's say your a kid and you get to stay up an extra-half hour to-see your favorite TV show. That's a medium surprise. Up hand you get to see if Destiny steals dannon away from miranda (the brat) or if mean Miranda gets the guy Danon and poor little Destiny is left behind to suffer from broken heart. on your favorite soap opera " Oh Josh" which is on from nine to ten for the season finale. you usually go to bed at nine thirty but not tonight. Then the next morning you stayed up to late and get a D on your history test then you have to sit threw a long boring lecture ( your ten years old people!) A bad surprise would be your puppy died. So surprises aren't always good. Surprises are thrust upon us every day I think some of us don't realize that a surprise isn't just someone saying " I got a surprise for you!" Oh No! Actually someone telling you that you are going to have a surprise is rare. Usually it happens at work before you leave your boss tells you that you have to do a presentation. You get home your dog/cat puked on the floor. Later you fall out of bed. Bad surprises Or you wake up your honey made you your favorite breakfast. You go to work you get 50$ extra on your paycheck you get home you sleep so comfortably or all that stuff happens. My new posts are surprises. Point is you never know what's going to happen next so you could say surprises are like books but you can't skip ahead.
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kim said...

I agree. A good surprise at work is when someone says, "Hey, we are closing the office early today."

A bad surprise is when you are getting ready to go home and the phone rings and someone says, "I need to place five"