Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not too Brag

You have gone to school work anywhere someone has something brand new right? Then they go on and on about how it is so rare and so much better then yours and bla bla bla! there is a word for this it is call d bragging. It is very popular for everyone like lets say you just got a credit card in the mail for FREE! Then you can't just be like "Cool!" and put it in your wallet then go do the laundry heck no! You have to show it off. Which is okay as long as you don't be you braggy. I brag but then I say my famous catch phrase " Not to Brag. " If you have noticed, there is construction going on for the tallest building in the world just to build for twenty years then brag about it because its the tallest building in the world. How stupid!
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kim said...

Not to brag, but I have the smartest kid in the entire world.