Monday, August 04, 2008

Peace Out!

I was thinking yesterday about peace. There is never going to be peace all around the world. This would mean, no one ever dying, no diseases, no guns, no one making noises at 3 a.m. But to me peace isn't all of that stuff, it's no war and no fighting for stupid reasons. If guns we're banned from the world, and war was permanetly over, and people didn't get into fist fights just becasue someone bumps into them then that it would be peace enough. Think about it, as I type 100 soilders are killed in the war. 100 families cry, 100 people find out what happens after life. If guns weren't around then people wouldn't have to short circuit their lives. And if war was gone then our world would be a lot happier of a place.
And, the reunion went well mainly it could have been just a weekend with the family. Mostly what i did was go around the hotel knock on people's doors, go in have some kind of drink, and then talk and leave. In beetween changing rooms, we would swim, go out to eat, and party it up every night; My kind of weekend. We didn't go to the water park as we thought we would, we hung out with family, which was way more fun anyway. And we went down the little four inch baby slides. (We had a lot of fun with Baby Ruth bars, and brownies ;) Good time.

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