Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Changing Leaves

Well, I usually blog about random things, but I think I am going to start blogging a little more about my life. (I still will blog about random stuff of course.) Because I am interesting. Starting, my step brother Adam has played little leauge at our local park for about 7 years now. Starting this this year, I started going to his games. I went once or twice, then I left for vacation for about 3 weeks. Then recently, it was my step brother's (Z Evil Dictator, Adam) final game of the season and I decided to tag along. I Brought my video camera, because well I like to film things. Then I got into it and I went to His first play off game, (I missed the second because I was at my dad's house) then his first world seireis then his second. The team they were playing was great! Funny they played the cubs and that morning I didn't know I was going to the game and I wore my cubs shirt. (And I forgot to take it off!) our family had a family reunion this weekend. And Friday we were supposed to go to a water park all of us, and all of us would've it's just if Adam's team ("Red Sox") had won today, then they would of played Friday and my mom and I would've only gone. It still would've been fun but not as fun as going with Brian and Adam. I am sad that they lost, but Adam made it to the world series and he got to pitch in the world seires. So all in all, great season. And also, We're going to the dells!

* It is also our 2nd family reunion together, and this September it will be three years since my mom and I moved in to this house where I am blogging from.

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Random Irregular said...

You're alive! Horrah!

Irregular Kiki said...

Hi Randomgal! Sounds like a fun day!

randomgal said...

random Irregular- Yes I am alive I had to Take a break because of vacation for a while.

Irregular Kiki- It was fun. I liked it

Anonymous said...

You were so nice for a young Person you are.I had many compliments about you and your good Manners and you looked so nice. Love Gram