Friday, July 25, 2008

Flight Plan, Emergancy Plan, College Plan, And Other Stressy Things

Plans, do you stress them or look forward to them. Plans in general are interesting and there are a bunch of different plans.
A. Code 300 Plan- A happy plan like doing lunch with a friend.
B. Code 600 Plan- A important, can't miss plan. Like, a trip to the doctor.
C. Code 200 Plan- A dreadly plan that you can't get out of, even if you wanted too.
D. Code Red Plan- Emergency plan that doesn't have a date, like if you're house is on fire.
E. Code 900 Plan- A big chance plan, like a opprutounity for a promotion or raise.
F. Code 700 Plan- A plan made up on the spot, like you wake up and say, "Today I will go to work for till' Noon, then go hnave lunch and see a movie with my son.
G. Code Black Plan- Also made up on the spot, a emergency plan, like having to go to the ER right away.
H. Code WTIA (Way Too In Advanced) Plan- A plan that is extremelly in advance. Like a movie coming out in December, but you make plans too see it the June before.

Theese plans can interfere with eachother, especially if you're not organized. (See "Write It Down Or Your Paycheck Will Go Down") Take this example, It is Wednesday, you make a Code 300 and make plans to see a movie with you're friend, at 2' o'clock next Monday. You and you're friend haven't talked for a while so if you miss this she'll never talk to you again! That Wednesday night, you come home and get the "Time for a dentist trip" postcard scheduled for 1 o'clock Monday. Then you're boy friend/girl friend calls and says you have to eat dinner at the Berkley's Monday night, or else. You're boss calls after dinner that Wednesday night, and says Monday, 3:00 o'clock! Make a presentation and you get you're 50% raise! Then you look on you're calender and see that you made plans WTIA for Monday at 9:00 to go to you're son's baseball game HIS FINAL ONE EVER!

The dentist runs late, you get to the movie at 2:45 you're friend is mad! You leave at 2:50 rush downtown for you're presentation, you rushed so much and worried about this Monday that you forgot to make a presentation! You're boss yells at you so long that you forget to go to The Berkley's for pot roast at 5:00 you get there by six, they are upset, you spend the time making an apology cake you rush out at 100:00 you forget about the cake. By the time you're at the game it is 10:23 you missed you're sons grand slam!

Congrats, you lost you're job, you lost you're BEST FRIEND, you burnt the Berkley's house down (They are you're girlfriend/boyfriend's mother and father by the way!) Lost you're girl/man, and lost half you're money by making it up to you're son in toys/books. ($$$)

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Bubs said...

I forget where I first saw this piece of advice, but I still like it:

"You have to have a plan so that when things go wrong you have something to abandon."