Monday, September 01, 2008

Less Than Labor

Well, I am back from Wisconsin. It came and went, luckily the weekend went very slowly. Thursday morning, at 10:45 (They were late) I got into the very back of a blue mini-van with my best friend. We we're excited and talked about everything that we would do on the trip. Before the trip, I was thinking "Gee, I want to hang out with my friend this weekend but I also hope we can have some alone time" Well we did. By the time we got there on Thursday, everyone was ready for a nap, and a long walk on the beach. The cabin was pretty, it had three bed rooms and it had games. (My favorite was original Yathzee) I shared a room with my friend, and her annoyingly cute little sister. We had debated about who slept where earlier, and it came to be that me and my friend didn't want the top bunk. For me, it was not fun going up and down, the ladder felt hard, she felt the same. So it came to be that her little sister slept up there for the whole visit. I got the full size bottom (Yes!) my friend comfortably agreed that she wanted the floor. (I don't like the floor.)
On the first day, we did a lot of fun things. We started the day by going out to eat, at a restaurant that had goats on the roof. It was a swedish joint, the food wasn't half bad. Then we past "Pirate Mini Golf" it had go-carts, and we could not pass up the opportunity. I went around maybe 20-25 times in 10 minutes or less. And I didn't crash!!!! I always crash! But the steering wheels actually worked this time. Then my personal favorite part of the trip, we rented a pontoon boat for two hours. It was fun, and my friends dad who was with us stripped down to his boxers, and jumped into 30 foot water. i was going too, but they said the famous "No" Then we went to get huge scoops of 1 pound ice cream. Best ice cream I've had all summer in my opinion. Next day, we were beach bums and I dug a 2 and a half feet deep hole. We went out for a good dinner, and another huge ice cream. Then we went back to the cabin and did a fire pit, and we told stories (Ghost Stories) and looked at the stars. i am a city girl, but in Chicago you can't see the beauty of the stars.
And yesterday we left early and took a fairy over too some island. Very small island population of about 700. (Maximum!) They have one school Pre-K to 12th grade! And last year, there was only 87 kids in the school. And those were the 87 kids in town. We toured around there, and I realized something, this was so small. One of the stops on the tour was a little petting zoo, mainly a few animals (A bear!) and that is considered their big attraction. Imagine, knowing everybody in you're town, so everywhere you go you see people. No strangers whatsoever!
We ended the visit with a game of "Apples To Apples" very funny game. The basic rules are:
There is a judge who puts down a card with a adjective on it, and the players put down a noun, or proper noun that in their opinion best describes the word. It can be very entertaining.

So anyway, my friend's little sister is only 7 (The game is for 12 and up) so she tagged teamed with her dad. She drew the card Sexy from the deck. Being seven, her dad would've been a better pick. I had nothing in my hand so I put Salvador Dali and my friend's mom put down Indiana Jones. I forget what the my mom, and friend put down. So between those two, the 7-year old who loves Indiana Jones said, "Indiana Jones Is Not Sexy!" And she picks Salvador Dali. If I were judge, I would have picked Indiana Jones. (Shia Labouf Is In His Latest Movie, and he is very sexy)

One more thing, I had to go to the bathroom on the small island. And the lady pointed to the restroom area. I ran there, and I opened the door there was a TV, some games a kitchen and a guy. I said "Is This A House?" and he said "Yeah" I thought it was the bathroom. :)

Great Weekend!

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Irregular Kiki said...

Hi Randomgal,
You should read this series of books:
1. The Truth Cookie
2. Cupid Cakes
3. Chocolate Wishes
by Fiona Dunbar.

I love the books that I actually bought all three of them.