Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Beat Goes On

Well, it's Wednesday again time for my Wednesday tops. Only this time, it's not my summer vacation anymore, it's my school year. As I blog, I am wearing my school uniform and my homework is done! (Thank god)

1. First Day
Well, on Tuesday morning, I walked on to the astro turf field with butterflies in my stomach. As it turns out, this year going into middle school I get electives. I have the same recess period as my friends in my other class. I like everyone in my class so far, homework is not bad. And the writing is something I can actually relate to without being bored, so yes the writing is challenging with interesting topics. Plus, we get to read the book I've wanted to read!

2. A House Is Not A Home, Until Now
Well, it's been three years since my mom and I moved into my step-dad's house. And on record that's about as long as I have lived in a house with my mom. See, it's been a weird cycle, my mom and dad got divorced when I was in kindergarten. they both moved into a apartment. My dad moved into a ratty, small one (No Offense, Dad) and my mom moved into a nice bigger one. In about first grade, my dad met someone and we moved into a nicer, bigger apartment. In about second grade, my mom and I had too much space, so we moved to a still nice, but smaller buggier house. (No Offense, Mom) In a neighborhood with a occasional cub drunk. The same year, my dad and I moved to where we lived with my mom when I was in Pre-K. But this time, it was with my step-mom and the house had been re-done. My old room had become a pantry. Then about a year later, my mom and I settled down in our best home with my step-dad and step-brother. I was in 3rd grade when this happened. i am now in middle school . As for my dad's we have lived in the same building since I was in second grade but early this past summer we moved upstairs. So three years living with my family in this house. (My mom's family) But Johnny Yen and Z Evil Dictator have lived here for 10 years! Blows me out of the water. But it's nice to be contributed in those 10 years. :)

3. The A List: Top Three Posts Of The Week!
Congrats! To my Top Five Posts Of The Week
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1. Johnny Yen- Ten years 9/1/08

4. Grooviest Song Of The Week

"It's Our Time Now" A truly groovy song. Great for dancing in you're bedroom privately!!!

5. Peyton's Rainbow

I don't remember if I have blogged about my little cousin Peyton. She is two. She has had Leukimia twice. She had a bonemero at the beginning of the summer. She has to stay in isolation for 150 days. She is allowed to see her mom, dad, grandparents they just have to be careful about who comes in and who doesn't. She is like a rainbow, she is pretty and full of hope, but if the sunshines through (In this case if the rain comes) she could disappear. However, she is 41 days in and she is being taken off steroids. (Thank God!) With hope, she may be able to come out of "Ronald Mcdonald" house sooner then we thought so she is way better. Keep the fingers crossed. :)

Well, there's the top five. Those are my Wednesday tops.
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Johnny Yen said...

Can you believe it's been three years?

randomgal said...

Not Really, Been A Long Time!