Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

5. Nation Wide is not on my side! When I fall down at school, Nation Wide isn't there to help me up. When a girl or boy is being a jerk, Nation Wide isn't there to back me up on my comebacks. You have to pay for them. If they we're really on my side, they'd be my friend, and not make me pay them. So here's the down-low on insurance companies. If they only want you're money, find someone else. Hey Nation Wide, some advice for ya'! Change you're logo to Nation Wide isn't on you're side! This is: Bad

4. Well the Wednesday Tops are In! If you made it congrats! If you didn't then you're post didn't WOW! me... sorry. You got to try hard to make it in my tops!
5. Splotchy!
4. A Cup Of Coffey
3. Grant Miller September 16th
2. Natalie September 17th
1. A Sunny Thought

3. Wickedest Song Of The Week

It's cheesy, catchy, and a good song to get stuck in the head.

2. A quick update on my life. It is doing well, good grades, good friends, easy homework, and I need a vacation.

1. Random Question Contest: Whoever can think of the weirdest question, gets honored on my blog. Just leave it on comment and I will choose and announce on the next Wednesday Top 5.

Mood; Happy, Jumpy
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kim said...

I agree that Nationwide is not on your side. But my question is, Who is?

randomgal said...

kim- you're so Benny lopez

Hazel said...

Do you like my cuticles?
Who's weirder, me or space aliens?
Do you believe in Chuck Norris?
Where can I buy a terrorist costume?
If I gave you a wheelchair, would you give me a banana?
Does this dress make me look like a piece of fruit? A rice ball?
Have you met my good friend Galileo?
How weird am I on a scale of one to pi?