Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Memorial

Well the alternative man of the month is here! Paul Newman died. Here is a review of Mr.Newman's life.

Paul Newman started his acting career back in 52' on a episode of Tales Of Tomorrow Newman did 81 starred in 81 TV shows and movies, from "The Hustler" to "Cars" Newman did a little singing in his days, and writing, directing, and producing. Newman had married twice, and had 4 kids one of which died. Newman was born January 26th 1925. Newman grew up fast, and developed Lung Cancer he died a slow death and died yesterday.

A moment of silence please.

Thank you

Mood; Still happy, but disappointed
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Location: Not where Paul Newman is.

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Johnny Yen said...

He was one of the really great actors and one of my favorites. We own his movie "Cool Hand Luke."

A funny thing about Mr. Newman was that while he was known for his bright blue eyes, he was colorblind and couldn't see the color.