Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Terrorist Random Belated Wednesday Top Five

Sorry it's a bit late. Better late then never, right?
Big Deal Over America
Big deal! That's what I think in my head when the teachers at open house say "The Work Is A Lot Harder This Year", that's what I think when my mom says "This year is a preperation year for 7th grade, because next year counts for 1 third of high school, that's what I think when anyone says, Today is the 7th anniversery of 9/11. I'll tell you something, it has been 7 years since 9/11 and yes, I agree it was a horrible thing for America. And yes, I know many people lost loved ones. But you know what? It's ok to remember but why spend time reliving the bad parts of our history? A century from now, a class of school kids will be learning about this, and if I'm still alive then my grandkids will be using me for a report on it and what it felt like. I was only little when it happened, I only knew the towers crashed my dad wouldn't tell me anything else. I knew it was bad it was all that was on TV. Weeks after, I was hearing about people who survived the crash. And yes, I agree that terrorists suck. But you knoiw what? That's behind us. I can't say that it'll never happen again. But sonme people are thinking "What Can I Do?" the answer is, "Let It Be" that's all you can do. And it's been 7 years

The Top Five On My A-List This Week

5. I, Splotchy "My Obligatory September 11th Post"
4. Grant Miller Media. "Why I Will Never Be A PTA Parent"
3. A Cup Of Coffey "Gone Fishin"
2. Johnny Yen "The First--and Last-- Time I Saw You"
1. This One Is Older- But It's A great Post! Gordy 'Cuse

The Coolest And Saddest Song Of The Week

Let It Be My Favorite Song (Or At Least My Favorite Beatles Song)

Older Then 21

I know how to flatter adults. I say "Wow! 21 Years That's Old Enough To Drink!" My grandma turned 79 yesterday congrats to her! 79 years is a long time. Longer then 21. But I like making my grandma feel special. i call her yesterday, and she goes "I went out to lunch and got some lovely silk flowers" that's what I love about my grandma, she's easy to please. It seems that all the birthdays are in September I know at least 10 September birthdays. Maybe January/December is a popular time to get pregnant.

Yeah, well that's it for now. Sorry its not 5. Many years of Therapy and you'll get over it. :)

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