Saturday, June 30, 2007


Your in your work office. Your boss walks in says Hey your fired you had been doing a good job you hadn't seen it coming this is what we call unpredictable. Unpredictable can be good and bad if it is one of your personality traits this can be used at your advantage.
For example People could tell you more things because they wouldn't know how you would react that is if they were risk takers. Also this can turn down some things because not everyone is a risk taker. So you might be not told as many things because people are afraid about how you would react. This blog relates to my post surprises Another sort of unpredictable thing is the weather by the way, if you have an option of the zoo or the beach look at the sky first otherwise you will have to run from the beach to zoo in the rain wait under a umbrella like thingy ma-jig and wait over an hour for your bus. Yes that happened to me!!! You really wan to be careful about how unpredictable things are. Thankfully, not everything is unpredictable. In fact most good things in life are predictable who you marry your job your school. Your child's name where you live good guy or bad guy the choices are all yours. The things like if hitler was ever found whether the future if aliens actually exist remain unwritten and therefore unpredictable. This is my \last post for a while I am going on a out of on a out of state vacation so keep reading the other clearly not better then mine blogs not too brag.
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P.S if that snowstorm were to happen today that is an awesome example of unpredictable

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kim said...

Travel is also unpredictable...hopefully on the good side of unpredictable. That's why it's always good to be prepared as possible.

You Girl Yen, are not predictable.