Friday, July 20, 2007

If we were a movie... I would be bored

Movies. They are all the same other than two things about them; they all have different themes like one movie is scary the other is a comedy the one next to the comedy is a comedy-horror then all of the stories are a little different.

All Movies have some begining then something goes wrong annd they try to fix it happy ending. Or something is already wrong and it ends happy or it starts out good and end sad starts out scary ends happy or scary. Unless of course it is a documenturie that is totally different. Maybe some of you have heard of the term If We Were a Movie Well if I was a movie, I would be bored out of my mind. Other then themes and stories they are all the same. Yet we are all still addicted too them. It is Crazy.

I have this song titled If We were a Movie It sounds so magical and amazing. But in real life it is boring. These are still better then reality TV. I am seeing the best movie Saturday. I leave this post being hypocritical. I don't care.
Mood: satisfied
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kim said...

Hey baby, don't dent my do!

As you grow older you will find that you will love your hair some days and hate it the next.

Anonymous said...

Some "do's" are do's (shouldn't we be spelling this doos, then we wouldn't have to use an apostrophe) and some do's are don'ts .... like don't touch my do, don't laugh at my do or, don't copy my do, etc. DON'T you think so or DO you? Poppy.