Saturday, July 28, 2007

Memory Lane

Let's go down memory lane here. starting with the fifties.

The fifties- Ahh.. the fifties the time of diners scary movies cute waitresses and of course, juke boxes let's not forget it was also the time of big pouffy skirts and smoking. Strange time but a good time. For the families it was the time when the mom stayed home the dad went to work made money mom did the chores kids go to school brothers and sisters get along.

The sixties- The sixties the time of hair hoppers. Segregation and integration. When Martin King died. Dancing. When the color TV came alive. And let's not forget the golden age of rock and roll! Also when the beetles became unbelievably popular!

The seventies- When Brady bunch started it's big day-views. When Fonzie became. When TV land wasn't repeats. Also when racism was gone legally. The seventies was boring.

The eighties- My favorite! The rubix cube time. The growing pains show when all of the big tv shows happened the original Hairspray. Kirk Cameron and Raven Symone. The time of party! Cosby show. The eighties rocked hard! Oh and of course the time when everybody graduated and the holder of the phenomenal year of 1985.

The nineties- When emailing became famous. When Curt died. When all of the major TV shows were canceled when mary-kate and ashley became the next Shirley temple. When the nineties was thankfully over.

I am going away for a few days more traveling. I will keep up. Hope you enjoyed this post.
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