Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Compassion for Fashion

Summer is here. And we all make mistakes in the summer. Now in the summer the most popular thing is fashion ok maybe not the most popular but it is definitely in the handfuls. That is a common mistake yeah that's right. They are no all comfortable let's say you want a pair of flip-flops to " Fit In" well one they are NOT always comfortable. And this is coming from a fashionista not too brag. And they don't look great on everybody. But that is just my opinion. Spaggeti straps. Comfortable enough but if your thirty or over wearing them without anything over them that is wrong no offense. It's just my opinion. A good strategy for summer clothing that I like to use is comfortable and cute if you don't care much about what you wear then just make it very comfortable. And it is summer so don't wear high heeled boots even if they are trendy many know this but I am just giving fashion tips. But for those of you who want to be trendy here are the hot and new trends.
Flip Flops
Bejeweled Jeans
Tanks especially spegetti strap


And for those of you who want to be comfortable use common sense
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