Monday, April 02, 2007

I Put The M In Mondays

Mondays, call me weird but I hate mondays. I mean most people feel mondays are good for a new start. I just always feel tired and drowsy on Mondays. I love every other day of the week better EXCEPT thursdays. yes I know everyone likes Thursdays but I think there boring in school there's no special classes on thursdays and I have nothing scheduled after school on Thursdays. I only like this particular Monday because I am off. For spring-break back last summer I awoke on a monday not completely envying for a Tuesday because it was summertime. And the radio was playing a song called Manic Monday to this day on every monday I play that song over and over again in my head until the end of the day and I can replace the song with TV. It works it depends if your into music or not but it helps to get through a monday! I dunno why but monday makes me feel blue not the sad blue the color blue. Here is the song that reminds me of Monday.

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kim said...

I actually like Mondays. It is a fresh start to a new week. But I think you have to train your mind that Mondays are like a clean sheet of paper. Whatever you did last week that was bad; you kind of have a chance to start over on a new sheet of paper.