Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We Are Family....Duh!

You know when I was down in Minnesota I got to see everybody. I was very happy. Now no family is the Brady Bunch... but no matter what a family is a family. I am not pointing fingers at anybody. Because I know more then my family look at my blog. so this is a lesson for all of y'all A FAMILY IS FAMILY! Now when I was down in Minnesota I made a DVD for my grandparents anniversery and the DVD menu song was "We Are Family" remixed by Jordan Pruitt. Now the whole songh isn't a fact but the title is..you may fight, pull hair, kick, scream but now matter what your still family. Always remember that. I am only saying this because when I was in Minnesota i realized you only see your family for so long! I am not pointing fingers here I am just saying that it's me because I can't come to Minnesota evrey month or week only a few times a year so you may be in a feud with your dad or feuding with your cousin your only with them for so long make the best out of it! Your not in a family feud your on family feud and do what they do in the game show shake hands and smile at eachother. It's like a flower you can torture it all you want but it will always remain beautiful. Remember that.

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