Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Different Point of View

The ISAT is coming up. I don't really care. Some people make a big deal of the ISAT like my absent-minded science teacher Mr.Kerns. Quote: " Many people think this test is not a big deal but it is!" unquote. I personally think it is not big or small. That is why I hate the test not because I am stressed but because they spend two whole months forcing us to work in these "work books" that teaches us things we already knew... I guess you could say it's one BIG review test.Then when the test comes everybody makes a HUGE deal of it they even give us breakfast at school saying "It will keep their minds focused" you don't need to be focused to do 1st grade,2nd grade, and 3rd grade math,reading,and science. The test is almost an hour long! Which is not alot of time and for a fifty-minute review test everybody is flipping out! The worst thing is for two weeks I am stuck from 8:00 till' 11:00 sitting reading and taking the test. (it's three hours because other classes have longer time for the test) Most people don't realize it is just a review test. I don't know what the freak show is for.


kim said...


It is hard to not worry about that test, when it is being pushed at you from all directions at school.

No one is worried how you will do, and you should not worry either.

Tests are important, but they are not the final word. Just doing your best is okay with me, and that should be okay with you too.

I am very proud of how well you have done with school, and your grades reflect that.

Love you, best girl. I'm lucky to have you as my daughter.


Melody said...