Friday, March 23, 2007


Do you ever here really wacky names because i have been hearing wacky names ALOT now! Not so much in conversation but more in books, and stuff. I was reading im my math book and there were names like Lizbet, Janine, then there was this one name which i forgot but it was like a girls name with a letter taken away to be a boys name. Then also celebrities name their babies such bazzar names like Apple,Sari,Pilotinspector! It's like a popularity contest there are even names like Mr. I mean your reading a textbook and you expect too see names in the examples like Jane or Sam something common which in this case is rare. Even names like abraham why can't there be regular names like Susie,Sarah,Jacob I even know a kid named Niko and I know a kid named Ty. Not just pepole names but product names too like tamtam and hemminas but the top weirdest name I have come across so far is Orrivile! Thanx 4 readin' melody/Users/Melody/Desktop/73345479.jpg that's an apple!/Users/Melody/Desktop/200482273-001.jpg that's not!

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