Saturday, June 07, 2008


Decisions are hard to do, considering they could affect your entire future. Especially the little choices. Let's say your someone is making you dinner and they ask you "Garlic Bread, or Roll?" you choose the garlic bread, and you dip it in a ton of vinegar. You have a hot date later, and you know how it makes you feel. You throw up half the night, and \you're driving your date's car. Then, you're date tells the entire office and you loose you're promotion for treating a lady so awfully. That leaves you making 5,00 a year. You can't get a better job because you didn't go to college, you can't go to college because you cannot afford tuition. All because of that little tiny decision of "Garlic Bread, or Roll?" Then the bigger choices have a higher effect. Let's say you apply for.. umm... 21 colleges and for accept. You have Stanford, Clown, Maryland Community, and Reform University. Stanford is the safe choice, have a good job, high pay and enough to start a family and travel around. Clown, is the dumb choice have a low pay not enough for someone to even hit on you but you'd make people smile :). Maryland would be OK but you can afford better choosing Maryland would be like getting a C on a test when you could do better, or worse. Reform, brings two words to mind, "Kill" and "Jail" Personally of those four, I would choose Stanford. Choices have a full affect on you.
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