Saturday, April 05, 2008

Who Thought?

Have you ever wondered who invented something? I am not talking about the obvious things like "The Telephone" or the "Computer" but the little things that you may not care about but you use almost every, single, day. For example take the Peanut Butter And Jelly sandwich, someone had to come up with the creation. Sure, you don't care but 3 to 5 times a week you take PB&J on to your 9 to 5 extravaganza at your office, and are grateful because that is the only thing you have to eat.
Now, when you think about it everybody has invented something in their lifetime. Unless, you are one of those people who is allergic to drawing/writing. Like, for example your at a business meeting listening to your boss jabber on, and on for six hours which could easily be explained in a three line email, or a one page letter. Anyways, you sit there listening to the guy and your slightly doodling on your post it note. When the guy finishes your finally, done and you created something nobody has ever done before. No drawing is ever the same, like a spider web.

Cheesy Movie Saturday

This is a new feature on my blog, called Cheesy Movie Saturday every Saturday, I will talk about a random topic for a while then introduce a new Cheesy Movie. Today's Cheesy Movie is, Bicentennial Man.
Bicentennial Man is a Two Hour and six minute movie, set in the future. The movie starts out in 2005 in a typical household, with a mother, a father, a tough jock girl, and a small innocent younger girl. The robot is different from all the other robots because it's gifted this robot has feelings. The robot's name is Andrew and Andrew loves his family particularly the youngest girl, and the father. Andrew longs to be a human and does a bunch of things to himself so that he looks human. The story goes, on and on until everyone in Andrew's family dies except for the youngest girl's granddaughter.

What makes this movie so Cheesy?
For one thing, although a good movie it is a family feel good movie. Family feel good movies are ALWAYS Cheesy. The movie is kind of weird it talks a lot about people dying, but it is funny. The ending is very Cheesy, the robot dies because he became human physically, and when he is about to become human legally, he dies.

1. Robin Williams is the main character, Andrew. You may recognize Robin Williams from; RV, Mrs.Doubtfire, August Rush, Jumani,and Patch Adams. To name a few.

2. Hallie Kate Eisenbirg as, the youngest girl best known as "Little Miss" or Amanda. Hallee was in the 2000 version of The Miracle Worker and was in The goodbye girl

3. Others Are:
Sam Neill (Yes, and Jurassic Park lll)
Bradley Whitford (The West Wing and Fathers And Sons)
Angela Landis (ER, and Best Friends)

That was the first Cheesy Movie. Next Saturday I will have another Cheesy Movie. (Please Note; I WILL post other times this week too keep checking!)

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kim said...

I have often wondered who created the PB and J. However, your Uncle George created the Bologna and Jelly sandwich which is totally gross.

I will think about this the next time I eat a PB & J. Thank you for the item.